The Haines Code Review Commission wants direction on where to start work. There are hundreds of pages of borough code, and they’re wondering where to begin.

The commission met for the first time Tuesday evening. They appointed Mike Denker as chair, Jerry Lapp as vice-chair and Carolann Wooton as secretary. The other committee members are Don Turner Jr., Deborah Vogt, CJ Jones and Daniel Humphrey.

The assembly formed the code commission because of concerns over the minor offenses ordinance. The ordinance spotlighted the large number of small violations that are part of local code.

Bill McCord was in the audience at Tuesday’s meeting. He suggested the commission start working from the code referenced in the minor offenses list.

“In light of where all of this came from, that was a reaction to the minor offenses, that might be a possibly fruitful area to start,” McCord said.

Chairman Denker suggested the committee ask the assembly for direction.

“You know, the assembly may be working on something that’s timely that might fall within our purview,” Denker said. “Because we’re advisory to them, we could kick off with seeing if they have anything to work on.”

The committee asked its assembly liaison, Margaret Friedenauer, to bring up the matter at next week’s meeting.

The code commission set its next meeting for Feb. 2. At that time, they plan to establish their priorities.