KHNS welcomes the submission of responsible commentaries from our listeners. If you would like to express your point of view on KHNS, you can read the guidelines below, come by the studio to pick them up or call us at 766-2020 or 983-2853 and we’ll send you a copy.[Revised May 2017].

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Listener Commentary Guidelines:

KHNS Guidelines for Listener Commentaries – What do you Think?

KHNS Listener Commentaries are an opportunity for residents to air their views. The point of the commentary is to give the listeners insight, perspective and/or educate.

Requirements :

  • Commentaries must be no more than 2 minutes in length but may be shorter.
  • Print copy must be provided in advance of approval for airing – a signed and dated copy will be filed with the newsroom.
  • Individuals are limited to one commentary every three months, not to exceed four commentaries a year.
  • Submitted recorded commentaries should be in the commentator’s own voice, identified by name at the beginning and at the end.
  • Commentaries are not a medium for people running for public office to express their political views or platforms and will not be accepted in support or oppositions to candidates for public office.(KHNS holds candidate forums during regular elections and at other times to discuss current political issues).
  • Commentaries must not libel any person or institution and should not reflect personal attacks.
  • Any statistics or figures submitted are subject to verification.
  • Commentaries that violate rules of the FCC will not be allowed. These include “calls to action”.

KHNS management reserves the right to deny listener commentaries for any reason, including but not limited to: not meeting the burden of civil discourse or an issue that has received extensive news coverage or multiple commentaries or similar perspective. KHNS does not endorse, comment, or condemn commentaries. The following disclaimers will be run before and after the commentary:

Before: “The following is a listener commentary and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Lynn Canal Broadcasting, the Board of Directors or Staff”.

After: “The preceding remarks are the personal view of the commentator and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Lynn Canal Broadcasting, The Board of Directors or Staff. KHNS welcomes the submission of responsible commentaries by our listeners. Please come by the studio, call us at 983-2853 or 766- 2020 or go online for a copy of the commentary guidelines at under Community.

Commentaries that are accepted will be aired three times, adjacent to but not within the news broadcast. KHNS will schedule commentaries at the discretion of the news department within five days of submission.