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The Skagway Borough certified municipal election results Thursday night. The official results show the previously uncertain second school board seat going to Cara Cosgrove, with a win of three votes over Matt Deach. The canvass board counted 27 absentee ballots Thursday. That breaks down to 24 in-person absentee and 3 by mail absentee. The three candidates for school board had three votes each from those ballots. Official voter turnout was 25 percent. Seats that also remain unchanged from preliminary results are Stan Selmer for mayor, Dan Henry and Mark Schaefer for assembly and Andy Miller for school board. Again, Cara Cosgrove is the official winner of the second Skagway school board seat.

In Haines elections, the canvass board will meet Tuesday evening to count absentee and questioned ballots, before the assembly certifies the election.

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