The Haines School received a $15,000 grant from the state to support wellness programs. Part of the funds will be used to start a high school boxing program. Coach Brandi Stickler and assistant coach Greg Brittenham held the first planning meeting after school this week.

Brittenham says the school is excited about the opportunity but also wants to stress what the program is not. “What’s import is that people know that it’s not fight club. It’s a conditioning program, a disciplined program.”

The club will be non-contact. That means no sparring between students. So what can students expect? “We teach structure, mechanics, footwork, balance, body control, speed, quickness, agility, power, strength. All of those components of athleticism that can then be applied to other sports. You’re not doing this just to become a boxer, but youre doing this to become a better athlete, a better conditioned athlete.

The school is sourcing equipment and finalizing training schedules. A few students are stepping up as mentors and participating in the planning process. The boxing program will begin practice after the holiday break January. To get involved or learn more, contact Brandi Stickler.