And over-the-shoulder view of the map Moskowitz is working on. (Emily Files)

And over-the-shoulder view of the map Moskowitz is working on. (Emily Files)

December’s First Friday events span not only the Haines’ townsite, but a wide array of mediums and topics. This week the Alaska Arts Confluence presents local cartographer Jeffrey Moskowitz. His installation will be showcased at the Art on Main Street storefront, and is part of a larger mapping project that highlights Southeast.

Haines is dubbed the Arts Capital of Alaska for good reason. And this month’s lineup of First Friday artists is sure to impress.

Moskowitz owns Hemlock Lines and his piece features satellite imagery, topography and bathymetric – or underwater topography – components.

Using data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Moskowitz produced the maps.

“I hope they get a chance to look around and see the detail of where we’re living and also explore the areas that they always thought about going,” he said.

Carol Tuynman is with the confluence and says the installation will consist of five hanging panels that will offer details of the landscape within the Chilkat Valley.

“His project is to give us a chance to see it all in our field of vision, which we could never do without going out in a satellite or something,” she offered. “Even in an airplane if you’re over 30,000 feet, you don’t see too much, even on a clear day.”

Moskowitz has been practicing cartography since 2008.  He told the confluence that his passion for backcountry recreation combined with his training in cartography prompted him to start his own mapmaking and publishing business this year.

It’s almost been a full year since Haines began celebrating First Friday through exhibits and cultural events, and Tuynman says it’s become quite popular.

“More people go to the museum and Skipping Stones, but that’s what we want. We want people to go to other business and ours is just, you know, a little treat,” she said.

This month’s First Friday festivities happen Dec. 4 from 5-7p.m.

The work of Amelia Nash is featured at Skipping Stone Studios while Kelly Mitchell’s bird artwork will adorn the Port Chilkoot Distillery. At the Sheldon Museum, holiday revelers can enjoy some caroling and decorations, while Juneau artist Lori Stenberg will showcase Images of Incarnation: A Visual Faith at the Haines Presbyterian Church. Stenberg’s work includes five abstract paintings that depict various aspects of the gospel. Stenberg will also host a workshop on Saturday about art and faith at 2:30 at the church.

The Alaska Arts Confluence is continually looking for proposals for rotating and semi-permanent art installations in the Art on Main Street storefront. The application is available at