Day: September 15, 2016

Master Carver Wayne Price welcomes canoes home from Hoonah

Two canoes returned home to Haines this week, after spending some time in Hoonah, where Master Carver Wayne Price assisted in the Huna Tlingit homecoming to Glacier Bay. A team of volunteers sing as they bring two canoes off of the LeConte Ferry and onto shore in Haines. “Our ships are home!” yells Price, welcoming his boats to shore. The two canoes rode alongside vehicles on the ferry’s car deck. One is Price’s 28-foot Jibba dugout. The other, a strip canoe. Both are painted with the same red and black design. Price drove to the ferry terminal to...

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Three candidates vie for two open Skagway School Board seats

Skagway School went through some major changes this year. A spike in enrollment gave the district extra funding to hire more teachers, expand programs and implement single-grade elementary classrooms. There are two open seats on the board that will make decisions about where the district goes from here. Three candidates are vying for the two school board positions. There’s one thing all three candidates agree on: Skagway School District is doing great. “Dr. Coughran, the superintendent, has got a really good grip on what’s going on at that school,” said Skagway business owner and school board member Mark...

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