The University of Alaska's timber sale area on the Chilkat Peninsula. (University of Alaska)

The University of Alaska’s timber sale area on the Chilkat Peninsula. (University of Alaska)

There were no bidders on a proposed Chilkat Peninsula timber sale.

The University of Alaska offered up 400 acres of its Haines-area land in September.

The bid deadline was Nov. 22. In a brief statement Monday, the university said no offers had been made on the timber sale. Still, it said there was quote “strong interest in the timber,” and the university will enter into negotiations.

The University’s statement says quote “negotiations will work to address current zoning issues.”

The proposed sale is located in Haines’ Mud Bay Rural Residential Zone. That raised concerns from the assembly. At a meeting last week, the group voted to evaluate its legal options if a timber contract was awarded. It argued the proposed sale went against code for that zone.

In a letter to Mayor Jan Hill and Haines Planning Commission Chair Rob Goldberg, UA Chief Facilities and Lands Officer Christine Klein says the university is moving to a negotiated sale process. Klein writes that there was “strong, positive interest” in the timber. She says UA will notify the planning commission “well before” finalizing a contract on the sale.


Editor’s note: This story was updated to include information received after it was originally published.