In addition to a police service area proposal, the Haines Assembly has another potential ballot question and a number of code amendments before it this week.

The other ballot question would clarify the relationship between borough officers, the manager and the assembly. Right now, borough charter says the manager, clerk, attorney and chief fiscal officer serve at the pleasure of the assembly. The amendment would change the charter so that the assembly only oversees the manager.

A marijuana and tobacco excise tax is up for consideration. The ordinance would impose a $2 tax on cigarette packs purchased in the borough. Other tobacco products would be taxed at 45 percent of their wholesale price. And a $5 per ounce tax would be levied on marijuana sold in Haines.

The assembly is set to hold its final hearing on a code amendment that caused significant debate on the planning commission: height limits. If approved, the change would restrict building heights to 30 feet in the general use, Mud Bay, and Lutak zones. The commission decided on 30 feet because of fire safety limitations.

Sales tax exemptions have been a concern for the assembly for a while. On Tuesday, they’ll consider an ordinance that would require tax-free organizations to pay for an annual tax exemption card. This would allow the borough to recuperate some of the money lost on tax exemptions.

Assemblyman Tom Morphet proposed a code change that would limit per diem payments in borough contracts. If passed, contractors would receive the same per diem that borough employees do when travelling on municipal business.  Among other items, that would restrict meal per diem to $50 per day.

The assembly will consider whether to censure Morphet for his release of police complaints earlier this year. The union representing police officers lodged a grievance with the borough for violating the employee contract. The union requested the assembly formally reprimand Morphet.

The meeting is set for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in assembly chambers.