Moose hunting season starts today. (Jillian Rogers)

A moose hunting brochure from the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game. (Jillian Rogers)

Three of the 26 moose harvested during Haines’ recent subsistence hunt were sublegal. One of those sublegal kills has led to hunting violation charges against two people.

According to an Alaska State Troopers dispatch, Trueman Philbrick of Wasilla and Mary Stickler of Haines were issued misdemeanor citations for violations troopers say took place Sept. 19.

Philbrick is charged with taking a bull moose without the required permit. Stickler is charged with unlawful possession and transportation of big game.

Troopers also seized a rifle that was used in the harvest and say additional charges are pending. The hunters’ arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 18.