KHNS and the Haines Volunteer Fire Department have been broadcasting “Safety Talk” on the KHNS airwaves since 1997. Now we have a shorter but no less entertaining and informative program based on the original and available for download from the KHNS Website. We are proud to present our first sample for your review.

How do you prevent chimney fires, survive the shock of falling into frigid waters, treat black ice (or bears for that matter) with respect? And what do you really know about the dangers of power tools, old electric cords and toxic everyday household products? Test your knowledge, learn new common sense skills, get professional tips and convenient reminders when you “Take Five for Safety”.

“Take Five for Safety” is a series of fifty-two five-minute radio modules designed to provide common sense safety information specifically geared towards the Alaskan environment and the Pacific Northwest. Produced by KHNS and developed in conjunction with the Haines Volunteer Fire Department.

HVFD’s Training Officer, Al Badgley, provides more than twenty years’ worth of expertise in a folksy, sometimes humorous manner each week with an instructive discussion of daily and seasonal subjects. Topics range from recognizing hypothermia symptoms to fire prevention,from wild animal awareness to ill-tempered canines, from staying afloat in a boat to drug overdoses. The show will also feature several of Al’s professional colleagues: first responders, EMT workers and nature guides. All of this served with Al’s own blend of experience and wry observation. In the Upper Lynn Canal, Al has become something of a minor cult phenomenon. Maybe it’s time to import “Take Five for Safety” into your locale.

“Take Five for Safety” is free and will available for broadcast later in 2011. The show is currently being produced in the studios of KHNS. Please let us know if “Take Five for Safety” is a module you would like to plug into your own schedule. If you review and decide not to use the program, we’d like to hear any comments or suggestions you have. You can email those comment directly to Kay Clements, or by calling 907-766-2020

Thanks for your consideration of our new program.
Kay Clements
General Manager

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