Children's artwork on the wall at Klukwan School in March. (Emily Files)

Children’s artwork on the wall at Klukwan School in March. (Emily Files)

A preschool will start soon at Klukwan School. The State Department of Education recently approved a $30,000 grant to fund the preschool.

That follows another grant from the state last year that helped the school form a playgroup for three and four year olds. This year’s grant will help make that playgroup into a formal preschool, according to teacher Kathy Carl.

Klukwan is part of Chatham School District, which spans four small Southeast communities. Superintendent Bernie Grieve said last spring that a preschool could help boost enrollment at Klukwan School.

“That would be awesome if we could [bring in more students,]” he said. “Whatever opportunities we can give students and parents. Anything that’ll help keep the school open.”

Teacher Carl says the tentative schedule for the preschool is Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 3 p.m. The school is currently advertising for a teacher. Carl says they hope to start the preschool September 22nd.

For K-12 Klukwan students, the first day of school was Tuesday. We’ll have more on Klukwan’s new school year next week.