This graphic shows the location of the extraction area.

This graphic shows the location of the extraction area.

A Haines developer’s plans to ‘intensify’ resource extraction work above Young Road and Skyline Drive are facing another challenge.

Earlier this month, the planning commission approved Roger Schnabel’s request for a conditional use permit. Schnabel wants to use drilling and blasting to extract about 7,500 cubic yards of rock from his 65-acre property. He plans to sell the material to the contractors building the small boat harbor expansion.

Schnabel already has a permit for clearing, grubbing and blasting on the property, which he has stated he plans to develop into a residential subdivision in the future. Schnabel needed another permit because he plans to extract material for commercial sale.

The planning commission unanimously approved the three-year permit. But neighboring residents have objections.

Lenise Fontenot filed an appeal of the decision the next day. A second resident, Ella Bredthauer, lodged an appeal late last week. Like Fontenot, she has a residence close to Schnabel’s property.

Bredthauer lists several objections. She says the borough failed to properly notify nearby residents about the permit application. She also thinks the details of how Schnabel would address community concerns and mitigate adverse impacts are insufficient. She echoes one of Fontenot’s concerns – that the planning commission shouldn’t have dismissed many of the restrictions recommended by borough staff.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 28, the assembly will decide whether to hear each appeal. If so, the hearings will take place March 14.