This graphic shows the location of the extraction area.

This graphic shows the location of the extraction area in Schnabel’s resource extraction permit.

Two citizen appeals of a resource extraction permit caused Tuesday’s Haines Borough Assembly meeting to extend to three days.

The appeals are in response to the planning commission’s approval of a conditional use permit for Roger Schnabel. Schnabel wants to extract 7,500 cubic yards of riprap material from his property above Young Road and Skyline Drive. He plans to sell it for use in the small boat harbor expansion.

Neighboring residents Lenise Henderson-Fontenot and Ella Bredthauer filed appeals of the planning commission’s approval. Among other concerns, they say Schnabel’s operation is a threat to public safety and property values.

The appeal hearings started during Tuesday’s regular assembly meeting. The assembly was only able to make it through Henderson-Fontenot’s appeal.

It settled on a middle ground between reversing the commission’s decision and upholding it as is. The assembly unanimously voted to reinstate conditions on the permit that were recommended by borough staff but discarded by the planning commission. The assembly also added a few new restrictions.

Bredthauer’s appeal, and other remaining assembly business, was put off until Wednesday afternoon. Bredthauer was not satisfied with the assembly’s decision on the previous appeal. She made the case for the permit to be thrown out completely.

The assembly was not able to make a decision on Bredthauer’s argument because of confusion over whether it could change its verdict on the first appeal and legal concerns. The group decided to ask for attorney guidance. So, the meeting was extended to a third day. It will continue Friday at 1 p.m.

KHNS will have a more detailed story about the appeal hearings after the Friday meeting.