The Klondike Road Relay start in Skagway. (Sport Yukon)

The Klondike Road Relay start in Skagway. (Sport Yukon)

By Cheryl Kawaja, CBC Yukon and Emily Files, KHNS

Hundreds of runners braved the rain and cold over the weekend for the annual Klondike Road Relay. The CBC reports that the race saw a record number of participants: nearly 2,000 people registered.

Tracey Bilsky is director of Sport Yukon, which organizes the race. She spoke to the CBC before the relay.

“It’s the biggest one ever in history,” she said. “We have 170 official teams.”

The race begins in Skagway and ends in Whitehorse. The hundred-plus miles are divided into 10 legs, which range from about six to 16 miles.

Bilsky told the CBC that while some participants are very competitive, overall, it’s about the fun.

Some of the team names indicate the silly spirit of the race. They include Crawl If You Have To, Easier Said Than Run, and Sisters With Blisters.

The race starts on flat ground in downtown Skagway Friday evening and then climbs into the White Pass overnight and on through the mountains until finishing in Whitehorse around midday Saturday.

Bilsky said those who were running during the night were outfitted with flashers for safety.

“All of our volunteers were very aware of that and because this was the largest ever we knew that it would be quite packed at the beginning of the race, so those volunteers, some are veterans, some are new, were very heightened when it comes to safety this year and we’ve heard of no incidences of all. Everyone seems very excited and happy so we’re thrilled.”

Bilsky told the CBC she wouldn’t be surprised if participation in the race continues to grow through the years.

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