Melissa and Kate answer listener’s questions and discuss houseplants.



Mardell, Scotty and Heidi discuss growing mushrooms.



Mardell and Kate talk about ordering seeds for next season.



Mardell and Sally discuss greenhouses.



Melissa and Blythe continue a discussion about fruit trees and Blythe’s orchard and garden.



Melissa and Kate discuss more about record keeping and fruit trees.



Melissa and John discuss what to do this time of year as frosty conditions and snow approaches, taking notes on the season and about planting fruit trees.



Mardell and Amy, the Garden Manager at Jewell Gardens, discuss Harvest Day, dealing with wind, and winter prep.



Mardell and Rebecca discuss harvesting and curing potatoes and onions, root cellars, and fermenting vegetables.



Mardell and Toni of Whiterock Nursery discuss commercial gardening, greenhouses, and wintering plants.



Melissa and John discuss the woolly bear caterpillar invasion and a primer on growing fruit trees.



Mardell and Leslie from Double Shovel Farm talk about the upcoming gardening conference, listeners questions about marking crops and about Leslie’s gardening tips.



Melissa, Jolanta and Ninon talk about the WWOOF Program (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and give an update on the Starvin’ Marvin Garden. Find out more about the WWOOF Program at http://wwoof.net/ or https://wwoofusa.org/)



Mardell and Sally talk about what they’ve learned this gardening season.



Melissa and Betsy remember Charlotte Jewell and answer listener’s questions about harvesting potatoes and garlic.



Mardell and Erica discuss listener questions about soil testing, grey mold and Dr. Cho’s Natural Farming method.



Melissa and Deana talk about composting and garden-related opportunities at the 2017 Southeast Alaska State Fair.



Melissa and Jerry discuss listener’s questions, a complaint about kale and garden challenges in this alleged summer.



Mardell and Kerry discuss rusty tussock moths and root maggots.



Mardell and Melissa join us for a special edition of Garden Talk during our the KHNS 2017 Membership Drive and take listener’s questions.



Erica and Mardell discuss early harvest produce and “hugelkultur” – a type of raised bed gardening using layering and woody debris.



Melissa, Jerry, and Joanie talk strawberries! (Among other things.)



Michelle describes how she gardens in a challenging gardening environment (across Mud Bay), and Mardell and Michelle answer listener questions about wanting to avoid weeding, on cutting up spinach that’s going to seed, and what might be causing tiny holes in baby plants.



Jerry talks with Melissa about the various places he gardens in Haines: his home, the community garden, and the Henderson farm.



Melissa and Meredith introduce the Salt & Soil Marketplace and explain how it works.



Mardell and Rebecca talk about keeping your soil healthy.



Melissa and Jerry talk about if it’s too early to begin transplanting outside.



Mardell and Rebecca talk about planting in early May.



Mardell and Mandy talk about gardening… with kids! They also answer listener questions about tulips, a novice gardener wanting to be paired with an experienced gardener, and a late-breaking caller question about zucchini relish recipes.



Melissa and Michael discuss … worms! The ins and and outs of using worms to compost your garbage and enrich your garden.



Mardell and Rebecca talk about planting garlic in the spring, and answer listener questions about when to plant peas, kale, spinach, nasturtiums, and calendula directly into the ground, and if pine needles and pine cones affect the soil in a raised bed and what to do about it.



Mardell and Vija introduce the Facebook group for gardeners! If you’re on Facebook, you can find it here.



Mardell and Laurie talk about the Southeast Alaska Farmers Summit from a few weeks back, and discuss the ins and outs of starting seeds this time of year. Haines gardeners host a gardener’s meeting/seed exchange event March 22 at the Haines Library.



Mardell and Mandy discuss creative ways you can “Think Outside the Row” when planting your garden.



Melissa joins Joanie to talk about what you can be doing now to get your garden ready for spring.



Meredith Pochardt from the Takshanuk Watershed Council previews the upcoming Southeast Alaska Farmers Summit in Haines, February 24-26. Melissa reminds us: it’s time to order seeds and begin getting ready for the upcoming gardening season! She discusses other preparations you can take now. If you want a list of favorite local varieties as you’re planning your garden, e-mail garden@khns.org.



A continuation of last time’s Garden Conversation: Rob and Mardell discuss planting fruit trees in the Upper Lynn Canal, part 2.