Heather Lende and Tom Morphet. (Emily Files)

Heather Lende and Tom Morphet. (Emily Files)

In the six-way race for two Haines Borough Assembly seats, Heather Lende and Tom Morphet garnered the most votes. Preliminary election results show Lende with 483 votes and Morphet with 423. Incumbent Diana Lapham came in third with 363 votes. That includes absentee ballots. The results are unofficial until certified later this month.

Haines Municipal Election: 

Ryan Cook: 299
Leonard Dubber: 146
Judy Erekson: 230
Diana Lapham: 363
Heather Lende: 483
Tom Morphet: 423

SCHOOL BOARD (uncontested):
Lisa Schwartz: 767
Sarah Swinton: 777
Write in: 29

David Brena, Tim Cochran and Orion Hanson. (Emily Files)

David Brena, Tim Cochran and Orion Hanson. (Emily Files)

Preliminary Skagway election results show Orion Hanson and Tim Cochran with the most votes for borough assembly. Jaime Bricker and Darren Belisle garnered the most votes for school board. And the senior center bond question is too close to call until about 90 absentee ballots are counted. Right now, there are six more votes against than for the bond. Haines results are still being counted.

Skagway Municipal Election:


David Brena: 144

Tim Cochran: 192

Orion Hanson: 205

Write-In 124

Darren Belisle: 236

Jaime Bricker: 298

Mark Joseph Smith: 114

Write-In 3



For 180

Against 186