10933974_324795011047271_2125627572096725371_nThis weekend, people in Haines will have the opportunity to learn belly dancing, mandolin, clawhammer banjo and song writing all in one day. Resident Sue Libenson has organized a music and dance camp Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. in the Chilkat Center.

“There is something for everyone,” Libenson said. “There’s everything from belly dancing to music theory. We are gonna offer swing dancing, funk classes, rock and roll classes, blues, there’s classes in drums and rhythm. There’s vocal classes.”

Sue Libenson organized the camp.

Sue Libenson organized the camp.

Those classes will be led by 14 local, volunteer instructors. The camp is $10, for those junior high-aged and up. You can participate in just one class, or you can stay for the whole time and take up to four. Here’s how it works: Starting a 12:15, there are four one or one and half hour sessions. During each session, there are four or five classes to choose from.

In the 2-3 o’clock hour, you can take drums and rhythm, belly dancing, improvisation, swing guitar or beginner electric bass.

Libenson says she thought this kind of event would be fun to try out in Haines. It took about a month to organize.

“It’s just one of those things where you think, ‘Wow wouldn’t it be neat if we had something like this in Haines?’ And it’s Haines, so you just go ahead and do it.”

Libenson says it didn’t take long to fill up the schedule. She was impressed with the willingness of local musicians, dancers and singers to lead classes.

“I think a lot of the names of teachers are well known in town,” she said. “Christy Fowler is going to teach songwriting, Nancy Nash is going to teach voice, Eric Holle is going to teach advanced music theory and also some banjo. But there’s also some folks here that are great teachers but don’t always offer music classes. Tom Heywood’s gonna teach swing guitar, Burl Sheldon is gonna teach drop D guitar.”

Depending on what classes you plan to take, Libenson says to bring a pen and paper and your instrument if you have one. At the end of the day, there will be a group performance and jam.

The $10 per person fee goes towards the cost of renting out the Chilkat Center.

Libenson says once Sunday is over, she’ll think about whether the music and dance camp could be a recurring event.