The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Haines Borough Police on Thursday warned Haines residents that a brown bear sow in the area was reported being defensive and aggressive toward. Alaska Fish and Game biologist Stephanie Sell said she was notified that a sow originally with three cubs had one of her cubs killed by a male bear in the area. Sell said that’s not uncommon for a boar to kill a cub, but it will cause the mother to become more defensive or aggressive. The sow is likely the same one that recently charged someone at the Haines landfill. Sell said she was notified that person was able to make it safely to the building at the landfill and activate the electric fence. But she said residents need to be extra cautious of the sow and cubs, give them lots of space and stay alert. She said the sow may have been spotted near the Lily Lake trail and Fairgrounds. A defensive sow also reported near Lutak Road may or may not be the same bear, she said. Sell asked anyone who has an encounter with a bear to report it to Haines Police at 766-2121.