"Guerilla art" by Rhys Williams.

There’s a lot happening on Main Street Haines in recent months – otherwise empty store fronts have allowed local artists to showcase their talents and crafts in an effort to spruce up the town. But owners of vacant buildings who aren’t helping beautify the town may have been put on notice Thursday afternoon.


The Gross Building is a former movie theater and café. It’s large brown building in the heart of downtown with boarded up windows, a “For Sale” sign, and the old sign for Connie’s Café. Black spray paint covers up recent graffiti that read “Future Home of Hooters.”

That was covered up Thursday by a large colorful abstract painting measuring 4 feet high and 24 feet long. It had been hammered in place across the boarded up windows and above the empty flower boxes.

Rhys Williams took credit for the installation, calling it guerrilla art.

“I’m very sad about that building being on Main Street the way it was,” Williams said. “I thought it was an eyesore. And there’s such a [arts] movement on main street that that building was blatant.”

Williams said he didn’t know how long the painting would remain there.

“The thing is, is a maybe this will encourage [the property owner] to get on with the beautification on Main Street, they haven’t really stepped up to that plate.”