KHNS will begin to live stream from our website the Haines and Skagway Assembly meetings, starting Thursday, Nov. 30th at 7:15pm with Skagway’s special assembly meeting. The Skagway Assembly typical meets every other Thursday of the month at 7 pm and the Haines Assembly meetings every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

The link to the live stream is . KHNS will also put a link is on our website homepage, through the blue “Live Assembly Meetings” button. When the link is accessed, a file will be downloaded to your computer – just click on the file to open the stream in your media player. The file will not be active at times when a meeting is not streaming. The live stream will be paused during executive sessions.

KHNS regular programming on-air and through our main “Listen Live” web stream will NOT be interrupted. This is a special web stream dedicated specifically to live streaming the Haines and Skagway assembly meetings.

Please note that this is new technology and there may be issues as we learn to use the service. A special thank you to Skagway clerk Emily Deach and Haines Borough clerk Julie Cozzi for their help and collaboration with providing this service.

Agendas and meeting materials are available on the Skagway and Haines borough websites, and