2014 KHNS Survey

To get an updated sense of what listeners want from KHNS, we conducted a survey February 18, through March 3, 2014 in which 222 community members participated. The survey was available online as well as at some locations on the street. Participants were members and non-members and all had different concerns and congratulations about our current programming but we foundmany areas of common ground and that is where we concentrated our focus. 

As a result of the information received, and in the event that income has not increased, we are moving resources from operations and administrative assistant to local news. Beginning immediately we are advertising for a news reporter to begin at 20/hrs/wk with the expectation they will go to 25/hrs/wk at the end of the summer. The news reporter will work with the News Director and will begin hosting early morning news as well as providing more content for the website.

There were many comments on the surveys which encouraged us to not be afraid of change and to do what needed doing to keep the station alive and relevent in an age of many choices. Heeding that advice, we will be making more change in the coming year, slowly integrating as we can with staffing and funding that we have. Several of our changes over the past three years have heeded that advice by implementing technology that improves sound quality and ease of operation and there is always more to do.

We have made several improvements to the Skagway studios, thanks to a large contribution from the Skagway Municipality and we anticipate that these improvements, in addition to others we are making over the next few months will allow for some specific programming originating from Skagway. This is always dependent on available local residents for any of our studios.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to go online or mosey up to our tables and fill out our survey. It has been educational and we appreciate your help and interest in KHNS.

Total: 222 responses

92% respondents listen to KHNS
8% do not listen

62% respondents are members
34% are not
4% don’t know

59% female
41% male

Average age 49.7

182 Haines
11   Skagway
2     Klukwan
1     Mosquito Lake
3     part-time in Haines and part-time elsewhere
7     out of state or declare “snowbird”

How they listen
96% listen to KHNS on a radio
18% listen online streaming

58% respondents do not listen to basketball
23% listen occasionally
18% listen often

44% of basketball listeners listen on the radio
9% listen online or both on radio and online

60% of basketball listeners would not be interested/ do not have capability to watch games online
25% would be interested to watch games webcasted online

Top priority programming – order that programming received “10”
66%     Local News
44%     State News
39%     Local Public Affairs
38%     National News
35%     Local Music
35%     National pgm
33%     Regional pgm
33%     World news
20%     Syndicated music

Most important issues for News to cover
87%     Local Government
64%     Local Events (arts, music)
58%     Local, state politics
42%     Energy, resources
37%     Regional stories from other stations, CBC
36%     Fisheries
29%     Youth, education
24%     Local sports
22%     Native issues

If funding reduced, what services are most important for KHNS to continue
87%     Local news
64%     Regularly updates community info – community calendar, weather, marine forecast
57%     State news/pgms
56%     Local music/DJs
52%     Listener submissions (LPs, PSAs, job opps, etc.)
43%     National News
25%     Variety in syndicated pgm
22%     Local events and concerts
18%     Talk Around Town
18%     Live Basketball
12%     Up to date music library
11%     Reception
6%       Archival project

75% respondents do not follow Facebook
Slightly more follow KHNS FM than News or Rocks My World

What services not currently offered do you think would best serve community
55%     Early morning updates between 6-8 a.m.
36%     More local news
28%     More local programming
25%     Evening weather and updates
24%     Skagway based staff/reporter
18%     Youth outreach
14%     Skagway hosted Talk Around Town