Boats docked at Haines small boat harbor.

Boats docked at the Haines small boat harbor. (Emily Files)

This week, residents will have the chance to hear from Haines Harbormaster Shawn Bell about the small boat harbor expansion plans.

Bell is hosting a town hall meeting in the Chilkat Center Thursday at 6 p.m. He says the meeting is meant to inform the public about changes that have occurred in the 95 percent design plans. That includes limiting the length of the extended breakwater due to budgetary restrictions, as well as the dredging that accompanies the breakwater.

Bell also plans to explain how a proposed drive-down launch ramp will be partially funded by Alaska Fish and Game.

The timeline for the small boat harbor expansion is in question now, because the borough recently learned that the project calls for a newly instituted Army Corps of Engineers permit. The 408 permit applies to projects that could impact previous Army Corps-funded work. The Army Corps was involved in the construction of the harbor’s rubble mound wave barrier decades ago.

Bell says other borough staff and members of the ports and harbors advisory committee will attend the town hall meeting. He says any questions about the harbor project are welcome.

Note: The meeting was originally scheduled for 6:30, but is now set for 6 p.m. Thursday in the Chilkat Center.