Matilda Rogers and Hayden Jimenez rehearse for "Fe Fi Fo Fum." (Emily Files)

Matilda Rogers and Hayden Jimenez rehearse for “Fe Fi Fo Fum.” (Emily Files)

More than 30 Haines children will take the stage this weekend in the goofy musical ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ by Vera Morris. As you might be able to guess, the play features a scary giant, a boy named Jack and a magical beanstalk.

Stanley Coleman is the director for Lynn Canal Community Players’ Summer Youth Theater Conservatory. He says he chose this play for its humor and fun.

“And these shows that we pick usually have some very important messages for children and adults,” Coleman says.

Eli Asper plays Jack, the boy who trades a cow for magic beans. When he reaches the top of the beanstalk, he meets the giant’s servants in a castle in the clouds.

“They don’t really like the giant but they have to work for him,” Asper explains.

11-year-old Matilda Rogers plays the giant’s housekeeper.

“My character is one of the giant’s workers,” Rogers said. “She’s always wanted a boy of her very own. And when Jack came along she kind of took advantage of him being a small boy without his mother.”

When Jack arrives at the castle, he’s not only smothered by the housekeeper, but also fed a strange concoction the cook whips up for the giant’s dinners. Hayden Jimenez, who plays the cook, says the concoction is called ‘Wiggle Waggle.’ He lists some of the ingredients.

“A large fish’s head wrapped in spider web, a pound of peanut butter, an ounce of bacon fat.”

After Jack’s Wiggle Waggle dinner, everyone is sent scurrying when the giant arrives.

“Fee fee fi fi fo fo fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman!” the giant says.

“He’s big, mean…And he smells awful bad,” explains Klover Cinocco.

What happens to the giant? Asper, who plays Jack, says his character ‘makes things right.’ But to find out more, you’ll have to see the play.

Director Coleman is in his third summer leading the Haines theater camp. He says getting to know the kids helps when selecting a play.

“We have some kids who are very talented, especially some very talented singers,” Coleman says. “So this is our second year trying a musical. The musical has worked very well here. ”

Last year, Coleman and assistant director Bill Winkley directed the musical ‘Noodle Rat Rotten Hat,’ which was another fairy tale spin-off. Maddox Rogers and Ace Asper are now seasoned performers, after acting in ‘Noodle Rat’ and ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum.’

“It’s just doing it, it’s just being there, doing something, having people clap,” Maddox says. “They’re looking at you right now.”

“It’s just having fun I think,” says Ace. “It’s kind of hard, but I can handle it.”

You can check out the musical Friday or Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Chilkat Center.