Flickr Creative Commons/John K

Flickr Creative Commons/John K

Haines is once again experiencing problems with the transmission line that connects the municipal water system with its main source.

Public Facilities Director Brad Ryan says the pipe that routes Lily Lake water to a treatment plant appears to have another air lock.

In July, a similar problem triggered a water shortage and boil notice over a few hot summer days.

As of Tuesday evening, workers had partially cleared the blockage, restoring some water pressure to the treatment plant. Ryan says crews will continue working to bring the line back to full capacity.

He says in the meantime, the borough has suspended giving any water to visiting cruise ships.

For now, Ryan has decided not to turn on the borough’s back-up water source. The Crystal Cathedrals well water was used to replenish water stores in July. But Ryan is hoping to hold off on using the lower-quality water unless it’s absolutely necessary.

There is no water use restriction in place.

KHNS will update this story as we receive more information.