This graphic shows the location of the extraction area.

This graphic shows the location of the extraction area. (Haines Borough)

A Haines developer’s plans for resource extraction above Young Road face a challenge from a nearby resident.

The planning commission recently unanimously approved a three-year conditional use permit for Roger Schnabel of Southeast Road Builders. Lenise Fontenot filed an appeal of the decision the next day.

Schnabel owns a 65-acre property above Young Road and Skyline Drive. He is already allowed to do clearing, grubbing and blasting on the site. But now, he wants to ‘intensify’ the work and sell the material to be used in the small boat harbor expansion. The plan to use the material for commercial sale is what triggered the need for a conditional use permit.

Fontenot attended the planning commission meeting to voice her concerns.

“Obviously, anybody who has dynamite going off in their neighborhood is going to be concerned,” Fontenot said. “I have an 11-year-old child and I have a couple of dogs too, that the blasting is really difficult for them. So if there’s going to be more of that and that’s going to be continual throughout the summer, I have some concerns about that.”

In addition to the blasting, Fontenot also objected to the truck traffic that would take place when material is being moved from Schnabel’s property to other locations.

In her appeal, Fontenot reiterated her argument that the noise and trucking would negatively impact the neighborhood and property values.

She also challenged the planning commission’s decision to soften restrictions that borough staff recommended. Among the recommendations the commission dismissed were more limited working hours and a guarantee that Schnabel pay to repair damage to Young Road.

Fontenot’s case will go to the borough assembly for consideration. At its meeting Feb. 28, the assembly will decide whether to hear the appeal. If so, the hearing would take place March 14.