(Credit: Abbey Collins)

(Credit: Abbey Collins)

Haines will have a special recall election on August 15.

Borough Clerk Julie Cozzi announced Friday evening that petitions to recall three assembly members had been certified. That means each petition had signatures from at least 258 registered Haines Borough voters.

The recall is aimed at ousting assembly members Heather Lende, Tom Morphet and Tresham Gregg. All three are accused of violating open meetings laws. Lende and Morphet are also accused of coercing a subordinate for personal or financial gain.

The recall effort is headed by resident Don Turner Jr.

Clerk Cozzi says based on the timing of the recall petitions’ certification, a special election will be held Tuesday, August 15. That’s less than two months before the regular municipal election in October.

KHNS will have a more detailed story about the recall this week.

Read Cozzi’s memo about recall certification here.

This story has been updated due to Don Turner Jr.’s decision to withdraw his application for an empty assembly seat.