Five Haines residents applied to join the Haines Planning Commission. At a meeting last week, the group recommended three of them.

Commissioners endorsed Donnie Turner, Sylvia Heinz and Kristin Hathhorn. Those recommendations need to be confirmed by the assembly.

Turner, who received the most support from the group, is currently serving on the commission and is seeking re-appointment.

Heinz and Hathhorn are newcomers.

Heinz is part owner of Chilkat Valley Sawmill. In her application, Heinz says her experience in the local timber industry has made her aware of both the benefits and impacts of resource extraction. That activity has been an ongoing conversation at the planning commission.

Hathhorn’s professional experience is in teaching. In her application, she says she wants to “help the planning commission make wise decisions based on borough code and the comprehensive plan.”

These recommendations will be passed on to Mayor Hill. The assembly has the final say.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story stated that the mayor has the final say in appointments. Recommendations go to the mayor, but the assembly has the final say.