(John Erlandsend, Flickr Creative Commons)

(John Erlandsend, Flickr Creative Commons)

The Haines Borough has had enough of derelict cars piling up around the area. On Thursday, Public Facilities Director Brad Ryan will host a public meeting to discuss the plan for removing dead vehicles.

Community members with an unwanted automobile- lawn ornament can submit their name to the borough. The plan for now is for 15 names to be drawn at random. Selected residents will pay 50 bucks and the borough will come with a flatbed to remove the junked car or truck.

If funds allow, this program will be offered again in the spring. Businesses are not eligible, and the vehicle’s title must be handed over to the borough.

A vehicle tax was introduced a few years ago to help deal with junked cars. The tax brings in about $25,000 annually, according to Ryan.

Ryan says there are hundreds of junked or abandoned vehicles in the borough. He says they pose an environmental risk, can decrease property values and are an eye sore to locals and visitors alike. The chosen cars will be emptied of fluid, crushed and shipped out of state. Ryan says depending on the price of scrap metal, the borough might eventually make a little money out of the deal.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is rid the community of all junk cars, but for now, it’s 15 at a time.

The public meeting happens Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in assembly chambers.

The requests will be collected via email (kkielsmeier@haines.ak.us), mail (P.O. Box 1209) or fax (907-766-2716) until 2:00 p.m. Friday, September 16.