The Haines Planning Commission at a meeting in November 2015. (Emily Files)

Haines Planning Commission (Emily Files)

It’s another pretty light agenda for this week’s Haines Borough Assembly meeting Tuesday evening.

One public hearing is on the roster regarding a proposed code modification suggested by the planning commission. Among the changes, the commission requested that the review process for capital improvement and borough projects be revised. In a letter to the borough, commission chair Rob Goldberg said the stipulations in code when it comes to commission evaluation of borough projects is too vague.  The commission proposed that it review plans at 35, 65 and 95 percent with public hearings for each. But interim manager Brad Ryan replied that those conditions would stretch the process out too long. Ryan’s changes include review by the commission, but not at specific times during the course of the design phase.

So, on Tuesday, the assembly will decide whether to amend the original motion as proposed by the manager and then send it back to the commission for review.

Numbering and/or dating pages in the assembly agenda packet is up for discussion again in unfinished business. It’s an issue that some assembly members feel is necessary while others feel it just adds extra burden to the clerk’s job.

In new business, the mayor is seeking assembly support for the reappointment of Rhonda Hinson to the Tourism Advisory Board.

Also in new business, the assembly will vote whether to authorize the manager to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chilkat Center to lease lighting, audio, and stage equipment for a dollar a year. The lease would mean that the borough is on the hook for insurance and maintenance costs.

The meeting starts at 6:30 in assembly chambers.