A new winter tour in the Chilkat Valley received overwhelming support from the Haines Assembly this week.

Alaska Mountain Guides applied for a permit to operate winter snow machine and UTV tours, and backcountry skiing day trips.

AMG plans to operate in the 26-mile area, including Flower Mountain. The company originally included the Jarvis Glacier and the area upstream from Devil’s Elbow on the Tsirku River. But, those areas were removed after hearing concerns from residents.

Assembly member Heather Lende recognized AMG owner Sean Gaffney’s willingness to work with residents.

“I would like to commend Sean Gaffney for listening to the concerns that residents had – take out the Jarvis area, the Devil’s Elbow. It seemed like he was more than willing to work with residents and I think it sounds like a great tour,” said Lende.

The assembly voted unanimously in favor of the permit. It added one condition – it will come back for a public hearing and assembly review in a year, before being renewed.

AMG’s operation plan says tour groups in the Flower Mountain area will be limited to 10 participants. A maximum of 20 guests per day will be allowed in other areas.

The operation season is January 1-May 1.