Tresham Gregg. (Emily Files)

Tresham Gregg. (Emily Files)

Tresham Gregg defeated Jerry Lapp by 12 votes for the second seat on the Haines Borough Assembly at the election canvass meeting on Tuesday evening.

Mayor Jan Hill counted 25 total additional votes at the special meeting – four absentee that came by mail, nine absentee that were faxed in, and 12 questioned or uncounted votes. Gregg and Lapp were tied with 411 votes after last week’s municipal election. Margaret Friedenauer handily won the first seat.

The final count is: Friedenauer 649, Gregg 430 and Lapp 418.

Gregg says he’s excited and a little frightened at the prospect of serving on the assembly. When asked what he’s looking forward to the most, Gregg didn’t hesitate:

“Mobilizing the community to step to the plate and get some things done that we really want to see happen here.”

The final count for the uncontested Haines School Board election was: Inez Gross 662, Mike Wilson 593 and Sara Chapell 574. That means Gross and Wilson take the two open three-year seats and Chapell takes a two-year seat.

Voter turnout this year was 36 percent. The election will be certified at the next assembly meeting on Oct. 27 when new members are sworn in.