Dustin Stone, KHNS DJMeet Dustin Stone, KHNS board member and Skagway DJ.

A KHNS DJ for the past two years, Dustin, got his start in college radio. “I fell in love with the open format,” said Dustin. “In one day I could hear jazz, heavy metal, progressive-rock and world music. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

But his first shows at San Luis Obispo’s KCPR weren’t all smooth sailing. “I used

to get all flustered and hit the wrong buttons at the wrong times. There were awesome instances of dead air and misfired songs,” says Dustin. “I had a lot of ‘train wreck’ moments. When it came time to pick a DJ name, my mentor didn’t give me a lot of choice in the matter.” On-air, Dustin has been “Trainwreck” ever since.

Dustin and his wife Chelsey have lived in Skagway for three years. Summer jobs in Alaska kindled Dustin’s love for Southeast, and after a visit to the area the couple packed up their home in Portland and “didn’t look back.” Skagway board member Tekla Helgason encouraged Dustin to try his hand as a KHNS DJ. “It’s been awesome ever since,” he says.

“The think I love about Skagway is the sense of community,” says Dustin. “I know if I needed something the town would be there for me, and I find that incredible.”

You can catch Dustin most Tuesdays from 3-5pm. If you’re not near your radio, stream KHNS live at KHNS.org.