8-18-16: “Till or no till?  And Jerry has one opinion, and I have one opinion […], and I would say: we have different experiences.” Mardell invites you to submit your experiences with tilling in Alaska.  E-mail garden@khns.org!

Jerry and Mardell cover a whole plethora of garden topics.  They revisited the root maggot issue discussed a few weeks back… is tilling a good solution to that problem?  (To till or not to till in Alaska?).  They answered listener questions about: overwintering kale (and while on the subject of kale, discussed blanching versus freezing kale); a stressed dill plant; what to do about a clover infestation in a strawberry bed; and ideas for a listener whose white dahlias are infested with fripps.

Amazingly, no slugs were discussed on this program.


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