Voters cast ballots in Haines at the Chilkat Center. (Emily Files)

Voters cast ballots in Haines at the Chilkat Center. (Emily Files)

Republican Donald Trump was elected president of the United States Tuesday night. Like much of the rest of the country, voters in Haines were torn between two candidates who drew more negative feelings than positive.

“I held my nose because it was a pretty stinky affair,” said Haines resident Dan Hart outside of the polling station at the Chilkat Center Tuesday afternoon. “Probably the worst selection of choices in history.”

Hart declined to say whether he voted for Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, or a third party candidate. But he did say that he voted against GOP incumbents for Alaska’s U.S. House and Senate races.

“Something different. I’m tired of Don Young,” Hart said. “I don’t think anybody should stay in office that long. I think there should definitely be term limits for all offices.”

Despite anti-incumbent sentiment from some, unofficial results show Rep. Don Young and Senator Lisa Murkowski holding on to their seats in the Alaska election.

Murkowski’s closest challenger was Libertarian Joe Miller. Young’s closest opponent was Democrat Steve Lindbeck.

Haines resident Judy Ewald echoed Hart’s sentiment. She wasn’t happy with either major party candidate for president. But she reluctantly voted for Trump.

“There’s just some things I don’t like about him, but there’s more I don’t like about Hillary,” Ewald said.

But for some, Trump was too much to stomach.

“Saying ‘oh that’s a nasty woman,’ you know, you don’t talk that way to people,” said Terry Povey. “Every debate, everything he says was just so outrageous.”

When asked whether she came out to vote more against Trump or for Clinton, Povey said, “against Trump.”

Ultimately, Trump garnered more votes of support than opposition in Alaska and the rest of the country. Alaska’s three electoral votes went to the Republican.

Upper Lynn Canal voters, though, favored Clinton. Read a breakdown of local results here.