The Star Princess was diverted to Haines after the Skagway rockslide. (Emily Files)

The Star Princess was diverted to Haines after a Skagway rockslide on Sept. 5. This time, there is more advance notice of the docking change. (Emily Files)

Skagway’s loss is Haines’ gain in the cruise ship schedule this week.

The Coral Princess, which was set to dock in Skagway Tuesday, will instead divert to Haines.

Skagway’s docking space is limited after two rockslides sparked safety concerns at the town’s largest cruise facility – the railroad dock.

White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad owns the dock. The company announced late last week that it would be limiting its use for the rest of the season. One ship can still tie up at the south end of the facility. Passengers from that ship will be ferried in on small boats, rather than walking past the rockslide area.

This means Skagway only has room for three ships. Tuesday was supposed to be a four-ship day. So, one of the vessels, the Coral Princess, is re-routing to Haines.

Haines Tourism Director Carolann Wooton said Monday that she was spreading the word to tour operators and businesses, who were not expecting any ships Tuesday. She said it would be a nice ‘shot in the arm’ for the town as the cruise season winds down.

The Coral Princess will be in Haines from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Ruby Princess, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Celebrity Solstice will be Skagway. Solstice passengers will be tendered ashore from the end of the railroad dock.

Skagway has two more four-ship days, on Sept. 19 and 20. There has been no announcement yet about docking adjustments for those days.