Hillary Clinton speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC 2016 (Lorie Shaull, Wikimedia Commons)

Hillary Clinton speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC 2016 (Lorie Shaull, Wikimedia Commons)

Democrat Hillary Clinton prevailed in most Upper Lynn Canal voting precincts Tuesday. Although Republican Donald Trump won the presidential race nationwide and in Alaska, unofficial election results show Upper Lynn Canal voters leaned more in Clinton’s direction.

In Skagway, 51 percent of voters cast their ballots for Clinton. Trump took in around half as many votes – 29 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson received 8 percent of the Skagway vote and Green Party candidate Jill Stein garnered 5 percent. A total of 447 votes were cast in person at Skagway City Hall Tuesday.

Haines has two voting precincts. The one in town at the Chilkat Center saw 785 votes cast, and a slim majority, about 43 percent, went to Clinton. Trump was very close, at 41 percent. Stein had a stronger showing in Haines, taking about 6 percent of the vote. Johnson received about 4 percent.

But Haines Precinct No. 2, which covers Upper Valley voters, swung in a different direction. The majority of those 96 votes went to Trump. Trump took 49 percent compared to Clinton’s 38 percent.

Klukwan was the most pro-Clinton precinct in the Upper Lynn Canal. Of the 40 votes cast, 30 went to Clinton – that’s 75 percent. Trump received about 10 percent of the vote and Johnson about 8 percent.

Statewide, Trump earned about 52 percent of the Alaska vote, compared to Clinton’s 37 percent.

As for the state races, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski took the lion’s share of votes in all Upper Lynn Canal precincts. In Haines and Skagway, Murkowski garnered about 39 percent of the vote. Challengers took away a fair number of votes from the incumbent, but not enough to beat her lead. Independent candidate Margaret Stock was the second-favorite candidate in Haines and Skagway. In Klukwan, Murkowski received 69 percent of votes.

Libertarian Joe Miller was second to Murkowski overall throughout Alaska. He garnered 30 percent to her 44 percent.

Alaska’s incumbent in the U.S. House also held onto his seat. Don Young garnered 50 percent of the vote statewide. Democratic challenger Steve Lindbeck received about 36 percent.

Lindbeck fared well in Skagway and Haines. Skagway was the outlier – giving a majority of votes to the Democrat over the incumbent. About 50 percent of Skagway ballots supported Lindbeck. Thirty-four percent went to Young. In Haines Precinct No. 1, Young took just three more votes than Lindbeck. They were neck-and-neck at about 43 percent each. Haines No. 2 and Klukwan both went for Young. Forty-seven percent of Upper Valley voters and 52 percent of Klukwan voters favored the Republican.

House District 33 Democratic Representative Sam Kito III unsurprisingly held onto his seat. He had one write-in challenger, Haines resident Bill McCord. Although, state elections officials said McCord did not meeting residency requirements to run for public office.

In most Upper Lynn Canal precincts, write-ins didn’t make much of a dent in Kito’s numbers. The highest amount of write-in votes, 34, came from Haines No. 1. But the write-ins there only made up about 5 percent of total votes.

Voter turnout was highest in Klukwan, at about 50 percent. Skagway saw about 40 percent turnout, Haines saw about 39 percent in Precinct No. 1 and 35 percent in Precinct No. 2.

All of these results are unofficial and do not factor in early voting or questioned ballots.