The Chilkat River in 2009. The river is one of the four bodies of water nominated for Tier 3 protection. (Dave Bezaire/Flickr Creative Commons)

The Chilkat River in 2009. (Dave Bezaire/Flickr Creative Commons)

Chilkat Stories: Our Village, Our Lives is an initiative from the Klukwan Community and School Library.  The purpose of the project is to document and preserve the experiences of Klukwan’s elders and tribal members before their stories are lost. Some of the stories recorded from the project will air on Sundays at 1 p.m. on KHNS. Below is a selection of Chilkat Stories recorded by Jamie Katzeek.

Nick Kokotovich (Photo courtesy of Jamie Katzeek)

Ralph Strong (Photo courtesy of Jamie Katzeek)

Joe Hotch (Photo courtesy of Jamie Katzeek)

To participate in the project, tribal members can contact the Klukwan Library. Jamie Katzeek will help coordinate a time to meet up and record stories. The Chilkat Stories recordings will be saved in the tribe’s archival collection. Participants will also receive a copy of their recordings on a disk.