A British Columbia skier was killed in an avalanche in the Haines Pass area Wednesday morning, according to Canadian law enforcement.

Maxim Arsenault was from Whistler, B.C., and was with a film crew, also from Whistler.

Constable Patrick Russell is with the Atlin RCMP. The Atlin detachment responded because the incident happened in British Columbia. He says they got an international response notification from the Pass at around 10:30 Wednesday morning.

He says the notification stated that one person was dead and that the others on the Pass needed help. The call went out to Atlin Search and Rescue, who were on the scene in about two hours.

Russell says Arsenault triggered an avalanche, which swept him over the side of a cliff and buried him. No one else was hurt.

Arsenault’s next of kin have been notified and are traveling to the area, according to Russell.

According to Atlin Search and Rescue, the incident happened near Fairweather Mountain.

They reported on social media that the weather conditions were optimal and allowed for a smooth, fast and safe intervention.

Philippe Brient, is with Atlin Search and Rescue. He told the CBC that the crew was a group of “very well-trained, high-level skiers.”

He says “The victim had fallen from a short cliff, about 30 feet, fell on a terrain trap and got buried by a small slide that he most likely triggered by himself.”

Brient says the rest of the film crew had been able to partially dig him out before search and rescue officials arrived, but the man was already dead.

His body was flown by helicopter to Atlin.

The Haines Avalanche Information Center says skiers should beware that current back-country snow conditions are dangerous.