Alaska opened the door for onsite consumption of marijuana at dispensaries. Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer signed off on the Marijuana Control Board’s regulations that include licensing on-site marijuana consumption last week. If the board begins granting licenses, Alaska will be the first state to allow on-site consumption.

The Marijuana Control Board can begin reviewing license applications when the new regulations go into effect on April 11th. Patrons over the age of 21 would be able to smoke or consume marijuana products where they buy them–if the board grants that retailer a license. An onsite consumption license will cost retailers $2,000 annually.

The new regulations say consumption zones must be distinct from the retail section of the dispensary, such as a separate lounge or outdoor patio. Dispensaries must prove they have security and proper ventilation for the areas. Customers may consume no more than one gram of marijuana or 10 milligrams of THC onsite per day. No onsite consumption licenses will be granted without the green light from local governments.

Despite the new regulations, the outlook for on-site consumption is still murky. Governor Michael Dunleavy recently appointed two new members to the Marijuana Control Board who have voiced opposition to on-site consumption. They could overturn the regulations before any licenses are issued.