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StoryCorps: Wayne Price talks carving and culture

  During the holiday season, KHNS is airing StoryCorps segments recorded by the Juneau and Haines Public Libraries with local residents. In this segment, Haines Tlingit master carver Wayne Price talks to his wife, Cherri Price, about how he started carving and how he’s passing on that tradition to younger generations. Haines master carver Wayne Price with his wife, Cherri Price. Produced by Emily Files with the Juneau and Haines Public Libraries and StoryCorps, a national nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories...

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KHNS News – March 29, 2016 Proposed state budget cuts would zero out funding for library internet connections; Storycorps: After history stained by shame, finding pride in Tlingit...

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After a history stained by shame, finding pride in Tlingit identity

Harriet Brouillette’s family history is wrought with identity struggles. In a StoryCorps interview from the Haines and Juneau Public Libraries, Brouillette told her son, Ted Hart, about her and her family’s experiences growing up Tlingit.   Brouillette says her mother attended boarding school at The Wrangell Institute. There, she was punished for speaking her language. “She had experiences like being locked in a closet for speaking her language. She was hit with a ruler and had her mouth washed out. But she was pretty stubborn and determined to learn and hold onto Tlingit,” Brouillette said.  “You had to be...

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Native dance connects people with culture: ‘Our songs are our history’

Haines resident Paulina Phillips, 83, first became involved in Native dance groups in Juneau, because she wanted to learn more about Tlingit culture.   “I wanted to learn who I was because I didn’t know. My parents never talked to us about our culture. They were trying to get us away from Tlingit culture.” Phillips said her parents stopped taking part in traditional activities like potlatches. “Because they said, the missionaries said we were idolaters, worshipping idols — our totem poles, our crests. In fact, there was one village where they burned all their regalia.” Phillips wanted to...

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KHNS News – Feb. 29, 2016

Lookout Park may combine with waterfront walking trail; Upper Lynn Canal residents encouraged to speak out about proposed state budget cuts; Haines gears up for PPP; StoryCorps: traditional Gei San Dancers’ leader Paulina Phillips

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