Buckwheat Ski ClassicWarm weather conditions will not stop the Buckwheat Ski Classic from happening this Saturday in Skagway. It is the event’s 30th anniversary, after all.

Organizers decided to move up start times one hour because of soft snow conditions. Log Cabin Ski Society President Tim Bourcy says the warm weather has stymied efforts to set the ski course track.

“There’ll be enough snow, whether or not there’ll be a track is another story,” said Bourcy. “One thing we do know, it’ll be a good time.”

Bourcy says he expects the 30th ski classic to be ‘epic.’ Look out for Darth Vader or Yoda along the way – this year’s theme is a Star Wars’ spin-off — Ski Wars: May the wax be with you. Snow sculptures at aid stations along the trail will play on that theme.

Skiers can compete in a 10-K, 25-K, or 50-K course. There’s also a 5-K for kids.

The 50-K starts at 9 a.m., 25-K at 9:15, 10-K at 9:30 and 5-K at 10:30.

“It is kind of a just a fun celebration of spring, but there’s some extremely talented skiers,” Bourcy said. “There’s also a lot of people that are terrible skiers who are just there to have fun.”

Around 380 people have registered for the event. Bourcy says Skagwegians wait until the last minute to sign up, so there will probably be 400 or more skiers participating.

At the awards dinner Saturday night, race attendees will be treated to an aerial tissue performance and a documentary on the history of the ski race made by Skagway News Editor Elise Giordano. There will be live music before and after the dinner at establishments around town.

The full race and events schedule is posted at buckwheatskiclassic.com.