Day: November 21, 2017

Haines Assembly to University: timber sale would go against local code

The Haines Assembly is pushing back on a proposed timber sale on the Chilkat Peninsula. The University of Alaska is offering up 400 acres of land for harvest. But at a meeting Monday, the local government said it will explore its legal options if a contract is awarded. The proposed sale is located in Haines’ Mud Bay zoning district. It’s a rural residential zone. The assembly argues borough code for that area does not allow for the sale the university is proposing. Assembly member Stephanie Scott made a motion that says: if UA awards a timber contract in...

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In Melenka and the City of Monsters, the quest to find a stolen heart

Haines puppet troupe Geppetto’s Junkyard took the stage of the Chilkat Center last weekend. Through puppets and people, the production told a story of a woman whose heart is stolen – literally. And, her journey to get it back. The sound of a heartbeat is heard through the show, as the main character Melenka tries desperately to get hers back. Melenka’s heart was stolen by Mr. Fetch, a character voiced, and a puppet operated, by Melina Shields. Mr. Fetch takes her heart to be sold in the City of Monsters. Hannah Bochart wrote the show, Melenka and the...

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