KHNS Summer Marathon Rocked!  Record-Breaking Total, Friday, July 1, 2011 – over $70,000 in donations and 627 members pledging support for KHNS.

 Sincere Thanks to all of our local donors, members and businesses for your generosity to KHNS with special thanks to Wayne Price for creating a unifying and inspiring print. You all took us so far beyond our stated goal of $55,000 and we are excited, moved and enormously proud of the resounding community vote of confidence in our local station.

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This year our unique print, "Going Home",  is drawn and donated by Tlingit Master Design Artist and Carver, Wayne Price. This print is given with every general membership. The story behind this design is printed below the image.


“Goin’ Home” KHNS 2011 art print by Wayne Price shows two sockeye salmon at the mouth of the river, beginning their journey upstream to lay their eggs.  We see eggs in the fishes bellies.  They are completing their life cycle.  We see them approaching the infinity point, where Raven’s mouth meets the river’s mouth, they are returning to their place of origin to expel their eggs and to die.  They are going back to Raven.  They are going home.  We see Raven watching.  The green that encircles the salmon represents the salt water.  The black form line art on the perimeter of the salt water represents the land and beaches.  The red form line art represents the high and low tides.
Above the salmon, Raven waits and watches from the other side.  The salmon are drawn towards him and must pass through fresh water, forests, and mountains.   The two large red ovoid shapes under Raven are mountains, and represent the land area of Skagway, Haines, and Klukwan, Alaska.  The green in these mountains are the ancient fish trails home,  the wild fresh water rivers and streams of our land.  The black area inside the mountains is forest, the life force of the wild land.  The spawning grounds are the white space between the fresh water and the forest.  The smaller red ovoid shapes in the center of the mountains represent the salmon’s flesh, sustenance for creatures of the land, water, and air, and for the people.  The white outline around the salmon’s flesh symbolizes hope for the future.