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On Air Talent

Douglas "Cowboy Doug" Smith - Back Country, 1-3pm

Cowboy Doug done growed up in England, with his Maw and Paw playing Jim Reeves and Glen Campbell to him from an early age.  After brief flirtations with indie music and hip hop, he first came to Alaska in 1997 and the love affair with Country music began again, this time with a twanging vengeance.  From Woody Guthrie to George Strait, from the Avett Brothers to Tim McGraw and more than a few diversions in between, Cowboy Doug is proud to bring the English brogue to the American airwaves of the vital communication that is KHNS.  As the Upper Lynn Canal has experienced since 2010, he has a tendency to talk rubbish and laugh at his on-air mistakes.  These are many, but apparently tolerated by by his generously affectionate audience. Yee-haw, indeed.


Rebecca Hylton - Hiatus

I started hosting shows in 1999, living in Haines for ten years and now a full-time resident of Skagway.I love music and giving back to my community which, to me, is all of the Upper Lynn Canal. I believe that to make this world a better place, we should touch those around us in a positive way...what better way than music! 

Jeff Bochart - Good Vibes, Sunday 6-8pm

since moving to the upper valler 30 years back, KHNS has been a major source of info. Back in those days of packing water and running a generator for power out at 39 mile, the times when we received a signal from KHNS was like having an "ear to the world"...it seemed like magic really.

So, at long last, it is high time to be  a part of this sweet little radio station which truly has a life all of its own.

Eli White - Basketball and Tech help

When he’s not helping us out during basketball season with recording and editing, Eli is a sophomore at Haines High School where he lets the other side of his brain loose on the DDF Team. He’s a part-time homeschooler and also volunteers for the Haines Library and the Takshanuk Watershed Council.


Deb Potter - Coming Soon to your town!

I've always loved music and pushing buttons..plus, my parents always told me I had a face for radio. I moved to Skagway in 2001 and got involved with KHNS in 2006. I truly am living the dream. 


Cherri Price - Soundwaves, Monday 8-10am       

Music is alive and continues to fascinate me with its power to create deeply felt moods and attitude. I usher in Mondays with a flirty mix of softish rock and soulful blues with hopscotch genre suprises here and  there. Haines has been my year round home since 1994, keeping me on a short leash with its mountain spring drinking water, local radio station, library, art scene,picnic spots, fishing holes and secret gardens.

Steve Scarrott - Alumnus

Steve worked with KHNS in pretty much every capacity, from offering his help as a volunteer  to working as Program Director. His vast music knowledge meant his shows were interesting and fun to listen to and a popular feature of KHNS. 

 Russ Lyman Soundwaves and Flashbacks and Freshtracks when we can get him!

I came to Haines and KHNS in the summer of 1989, having DJ’ed since ’86 at a couple other stations down south.  Addicted to mixing a smooth flow drawn from the vast cosmos of music, I’ve enjoyed spinning a variety of genres over the years, with a special fondness for world music, which I slip into shows wherever possible.  

Amelia Nash filler shifts as needed, Melodies and Memories - Sundays noon to 1pm

Since she started working at KHNS in 2007, Nash has pulled over 1,000 hours worth of air shifts. She has dj-ed every show on the KHNS schedule and loved every second of it. Music. It rules. Her least favorite recurring DJ nightmare is the one where all the controls are too far away and her voice won't work.

Mark Larsen - Flashbacks and Fresh Tracks Friday, 3-5pm -( off for the summer)
Since arriving in Haines in '91 and Skagway in '96, the land and the communities of the Upper Lynn Canal has been his home and passion. Ever a fan of music of all flavors, Mark has hosted the Flashbacks and Freshtracks show on Fridays for four years, playing everything from funk to punk.

Jimbo - Backcountry Fridays 1-3pm

Bill Annis - Backcountry, Monday 1-3pm and Lynn Canal Weekend, Saturday 10-Noon

I Love the outdoors and sometimes wintering in a Mexican hacienda . I'm training my cat to snowshoe . She hates getting her paws cold. Love new, old, traditional, alt, & bluegrass, but especially jam band country music. Author of Alaska Journal -- A Cyclist's Adventure Tour in SE Alaska (1993).

Joannie Wagner - Soundwaves, Thursday 8-10am

Kay Clements - Backcountry,Wednesday 1-3pm, as needed

Playing all manner of Hick, Hillbilly & Honky Tonk with some Rockabilly, Folk, Bluegrass and Singer Songwriters rounding out  the mix.



Sarah Roark Hiatus

I'm Sarah Roark (aka"Roarkabilly") typically hosting  spring, fall and winter when I'm not working with Fish and Game. I work at 33 Mile during most of the year and live at 18 mile all of the year. when I first agreed to a country show a few years back, I had to ask my friends for names of some country artists, that's how green I was.

Amy Swanstrom - Soundwaves, when we can catch her! Hiatus for the summer.

An excellent way to join the day with Amy on soundwaves. When not waking us up on Thursday mornings, Amy also serves (and serves well) on the KHNS Board of Directors. 

Alex Juren - aka, The Shovel, between ferry breaks


Russ White - Soundwaves, With Strings Attached, All Thats Jazz, Rock School (any gap in the schedule)

A regular visitor to Haines since '92, and a full time resident since '07, I'm a longtime fan of KHNS, and any good music which is a little quirky, from rock to folk, international to jazz, it can all be heard here!

Tim Shields Tim Shields -  Sound Waves Tuesday 8-10am

Self declared segue junkie. He can't listen to a song without searching for the perfect tune to follow it. His weekly  morning show is rambling, eclectic assemblage of sound which, on a good day, fits together seamlessly. He also gets to MC  History Talk, which puts him under pressure to remember all those dates he forgot in high school.

Carol Mitchell - Terra Incognita Sunday 2-4pm

Have been a DJ with Terra Incognita for nearly a decade, and my enthusiasm for World Music increases with every show. The greatest part is sharing it-- it's a privilege.

Am a constant explorer, keeping a sharp ear open for rare and unique sounds from around the planet.


Scott Ramsey Scott Ramsey - Hiatus!

He arrived in Haines via a VW bus, via a Ferry, via a tow truck over a dozen years ago. He vowed to find a way to live here after attending the Haines Beer Festival where the skies were blue, the beers dark, the dogs abounded and the grateful dead filled the air. He and his lovely wife Mandy and new baby, Lily Jo are living the dream. Don't wake him, but tune in to his Sunday night Salmon Berry Jam show.

Dan Henry - Alumnus

"Good Vibrations" was my first volunteer show at KHNS in 1983, and in the ensuing years I've happily hosted every live show on the schedule, including programs near-forgotten like Soulful Shack, Matinee, Tsunami Warning, and Songs of Praise. It's been my honor to bring a fraction of our incredible collection to the airwaves.


 Thom Ely  - All That's Jazz, Alternate Mondays 8-10pm

When I moved to Haines in 1987 I started hosting Swing Shift on Monday nights, which is now All That’s Jazz and stepped in as a DJ for any show whenever the opportunity arose.  I love all kinds of music and KHNS in particular, the best radio station in the Universe!

 Leslie Ross - Intrepid Development Director can also be found hosting as needed, be it basketball, Soundwaves or Backcounty.

Nicole Studley BackCountry Tuesday 1-3pm

Blind from birth, Nicole was born in Anchorage October 1992 and adopted by James and Janice Studley  when Nicole was 10 days old. Nicole began her radio time in 2002 with her friend and former KHNS DJ, Merrick Bochart.  As co-host of the "Back Country " show with her dad Jim Studley, Nicole earns high school credit toward work experience.  Nicole loves most music but prefers songs with words she can hear and understand.

Sarah Novell-Lane - Rock School, Saturday, 10 - midnight

 When my mom banned my listening to the radio, I found a way to keep listening (kids are smart like that).   A few decades later, I’m thrilled to find myself working in radio, especially at KHNS.  Originally from the Chicago area, I’ve lived in the UK and traveled some before settling down in beautiful Haines.  In my younger days I may have dreamed of being in a band, but now I’m happy to share the music of the bands I love.  British bands are my favorite, both new and old.  Cheerio!



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