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Margaret Friedenauer- News & Public Affairs Director news[at]khns.org
 I've been a social worker, cheesemonger, baker and paralegal, but I always find my way back into a newsroom. I've had many thrilling and rewarding experiences as a journalist at daily and weekly newspapers in Alaska and Washington, but I'm now happily content venturing into radio reporting while covering the news in the Upper Lynn Canal. In my spare time to unwind, I still enjoy eating good cheese while reading legal opinions and baking cakes for good causes.

Macky Cassidy -  Music Director



Macky Cassidy moved to Haines in 2012. A  Mat-Su Valley girl who did a stint studying Cultural Anthropology in Eugene, Oregon and dabbled in teaching has found her unfettered passion for ferocious grooves landing her the esteemed position of Music Director at KHNS.

Bill Annis - Production Assistant  hainesbill06[at]yahoo.com

I was raised in the heart of the Midwest, Lafayette, IN, where I finished an undergraduate degree in 1992. Originally from Denver, I've been in Alaska 10 years. Love the outdoors and sometimes wintering in a Mexican hacienda (a few weeks at a time). I'm training my cat to snowshoe (just kidding). She hates getting her paws cold. Love new, old, traditional, alternative, bluegrass, but especially jam band Country music. Author of Alaska Journal -- A Cyclist's Adventure Tour in SE Alaska (1993).

Kay Clements -General Manager  gm[at]khns.org

 Music is what brought me to radio but the fun and satisfaction of working with an organization that provides so much pleasure and education is what keeps me hooked. I'm really happy to be part of KHNS and living in the Upper Lynn Canal.  


Amelia Nash - Program Directo



Amelia Nash was born and raised in Haines. It is possible that her obsession with radio is hereditary, perhaps from the great-grandfather on her mother’s side who ran a pioneer radio station out of his living room. She is a fan of vinyl, Adobe Audition and very fine pens. In her free time she is an artist and an apologetic karaoke enthusiast.


Leslie  Ross -  Development Director


With $150 in my pocket I moved to Haines in 1994. Since I never became a rock star outside of my living room, I found KHNS, the next best thing and quickly became a volunteer DJ hosting morning Sound Waves.

Working for years plying the mighty waves of the Lynn Canal as a boat captain, I recently swam to shore to try the “air waves” as the Development Director and , with a great view of the water from my office when I long for the sea.

Sarah Novell-Lane    Operations


After a very long drive from Chicago, I arrived in Haines in November 2012. I still don't know how I landed in such a beautiful spot. Working in Operations, I enjoy the everyday aspects of life in radio. Thanks to KHNS I have discovered the joys of vinyl and find myself perusing our impressive vinyl library.


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