0052: A local man called to report that the clutch went out in his vehicle on Small Tracts Rd. The man called to ask if he was able to have a friend tow the vehicle. A HBPD Officer spoke with the man and advised him that he would be able to have a friend tow the vehicle if they had the proper equipment. The man stated that his friend did not have the proper equipment and he would be moving the vehicle in the morning.

  • 1029: A local man requested assistance obtaining a family member’s firearms. Dispatch advised a HBPD officer.
  • 1524: Dispatch received a hang-up 911 call. Dispatch attempted to contact the number back twice with no answer on the third ring back dispatch was able to make contact with a local man who stated that it was a misdial and he was able to speak freely.
  • 1744: A local woman called to report her ex-husband had made entry into her residence without permission to drop off a dog and a bag of dog food. Dispatch advised an HBPD Officer who responded.
  • 1814: A local man came into the police department to turn himself in on a warrant that his probation officer advised him of. 42 year old Scott ADAMS of Haines was lodged into HRJF for a probation violation.
  • Medical Calls: 2
  • Canine Calls: 0
  • Traffic Stops: 0