Debris from the Sept. 5 rockslide is cleared away. (Courtesy Dan Fox, Skagway News)

Debris from the Sept. 5 rockslide is cleared away. (Courtesy Dan Fox, Skagway News)

The Skagway Assembly and members of the public will have a chance to speak on the record about recent rockslides near the town’s main cruise ship dock.

The slides at the north end of the railroad dock are a discussion item on Thursday’s assembly agenda.

The dock is owned by White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. After the most recent rockfall, on Sept. 5, both White Pass and the city commissioned engineer assessments of the area.

Outside of the railroad dock, White Pass leases much of the rest of the port. The city is in talks with the railroad on a new, 15-year tidelands lease that would continue key aspects of that relationship. The assembly is set to discuss updates in negotiations and may propose changes to a working agreement.

The new lease would clear the way for a crucial floating dock to accommodate larger cruise ships. The assembly hopes to begin design work on that project soon in order to install the infrastructure by 2019. They’ll discuss a draft request for proposals Thursday.

There are two executive sessions scheduled for the end of the meeting. One is with Police Chief Ray Leggett to discuss his duties. It is the second time Leggett has met in private with the assembly on this matter. The chief declined to elaborate on the motivation for this conversation.

The other closed-door session is with the borough attorney, to talk about legal questions in the White Pass tidelands lease.

The meeting is set for Thursday at 7 p.m. in assembly chambers.