Lynn Canal Weekend Archive

Haines High School Radio Class 5/16/09

Reports: Brooke Cinocco and Amanda Smalley on the track team, Sung Heywood and Amanda Smalley on Outstanding Musicians, Amanda Smalley and Sung Heywood on guest speakers, Melissa Shultz and Sung Heywood on Teacher Appreciation Day.

New Harmonies 5/16/09

Steve Scarrott talks with Jerrie Clarke and Karen Misner about the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit New Harmonies.

Haines High School Radio Class 5/9/09

Tyler Webb reports on the 1st Grader’s beach trip. Chris Bowman reports on the Honor’s Dinner.

Haines Borough Community Youth Development 5/2/09

Steve Scarrott talks with Sarah Elliott about current and upcoming CYD programs and events.

Southeast Alaska State Fair 7/19/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Kelly Hostetler and Deana Stout about this years Southeast Alaska Sate Fair.

Fort Seward Days 7/5/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Annette Smith about the Fort Seward Days Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Alaska Statehood.

E-Cycling 5/31/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Sue Libenson of Haines Friends of Recycling about Electronic Waste Recycling.

ATIA 5/17/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Jennifer Schlatter, Steve SueWing and Lori Stepanski about the Alaska Travel Industry Association and “Be a Tourist for a Day.”

Chilkat River Walk 5/10/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Phyllis Sage about the Chilkat River Walk from Klukwan to Haines.

Attachment In The Family 5/10/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Robin Grace about her presentation on Attachment in the Family at the Haines Library.

Haines Community Pride Week 5/10/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Joan Carlson about the Haines Community Pride clean up effort.

Earth Day 4/26/08

Steve Scarrott Talks with Melissa Aronson and Pam Randles about this years Earth Day exhibits, presentations and activities.

Trios and Soliloquies 4/19/08

Amelia Nash talks with Nancy Nash about the Trios and Soliloquies Concert

Sideman 3/1/08

Steve Scarrott talks with director Tod Sebens and actors Judith McDermaid and John Binger of the Lynn Canal Community Player’s production of the play “Sideman.”

Haines Community Garden and Farmer’s Market and Crafter’s Fair 2/23/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Sid Moffatt and Stephanie Scott of the Haines, Community Garden and the Farmer’s Market and Crafter’s Fair about upcoming events.

Mountain Film 1/19/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Tom Heywood of the Haines Arts Council about Mountain Film.

Fundamentals Of Oral Communication 1/12/08

Steve Scarrott talks with Professor Dan Henry about his course on the Fundamentals Of Oral Communication.

The Big Read 12/15/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Kathryn Friedle, Rebecca Heaton and Linda Moyer about the Big Read.

Bald Eagle Festival 11/3/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Christa Rayl of the American Bald Eagle Foundation about the 13th Annual Alaska Bald Eagle Festival.

Haines Dolphins Swim Team 10/27/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Coach Steve Vick of the Haines Dolphins Swim Team about current programs, this season’s schedule and upcoming events.

History of Alaska Day 10/13/07

Steve Scarrott reviews the history of Alaska Day.

Haines Halloween Market 10/13/07

Steve Scarrott talks with “Fun Guy” Mark Cozzi about the Haines Halloween Market

Origins of Canadian Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day 10/6/07

Steve Scarrott explores the origins and histories of the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday, Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day

Discover Your Family History 10/6/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Penny Stoddard and Sandi Balloch of the Family History Center and Jerrie Clarke of the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center about “Discover Your Family History” and other upcoming events and programs.

Voices Project 9/29/07

The Voices Project Finale with Tania Daneilski

Road Recovery Part Two 8/18/07

Part two of Steve Scarrott’s conversation with Owen Comaskey, Charles McTavish and Meghan Breen of Road Recovery.

Road Recovery Part One 8/18/07

Part one of Steve Scarrott’s conversation with Owen Comaskey, Charles McTavish and Meghan Breen of Road Recovery.

Haines Venture Scouts 8/11/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Greg Podsiki of the Haines Venture Scouts about the program and upcoming events.

Summer Golf Scramble 8/4/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Pam Sloper and Cathy Pardee Jones about SEARHC’s Rally for a Cure Summer Golf Scramble.

Mt. Riley Hike for Kids 8/4/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Rob Pollack of the Chilkat Valley Community Recreation Center Board and Tim Shields of the Takshanuk Watershed Council about their Mt. Riley Hike for Kids.

Southeast Alaska Sate Fair 7/28/07

Steve Scarrott explores the Southeast Alaska State Fair.

True Story Theater 7/21/07

Tania Danielski talks with members of Boston’s True Story Theater.

Haines Volunteer Fire Department 6/30/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Al Badgley of the Haines Volunteer Fire Department about the 19th Annual Haines Volunteer Fire Department Texas Style Benefit Barbecue.

Skagway Library 6/16/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Julene Fairbanks of the Skagway Public Library about Real Life Travel Adventures and other summer programs.

Arianna Marquardt 6/9/07

Leslee Draper talks with Jerri Marquardt about her daughter Ari’s struggle with Anorexia Nervosa.

Haines Friends of Recycling 6/9/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Sue Liebenson of Haines Friends of Recycling about electronic waste recycling and other recycling issues.

Bananas and Fishing 6/2/07

Steve Scarrott explores the superstitions around bananas and fishing.

James King 6/2/07

Steve Scarrott talks with six time winner of the Male Bluegrass Singer of the Year Award James King of the James King Band.

11 variations on Friar John’s Failure 5/26/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Dayna Weiler of the Adolescent Montessori Program in Juneau about their production of “11 Variations on Friar John’s Failure.”

Free Boat Safety Checks 5/19/07

Leslee Draper talks with Vessel Safety Examiner Fred Boehme of the United States Coast Guard Juneau Flotilla Auxiliary about free boat safety checks in Haines and Skagway.

Chilkat Valley Against Family Violence 5/19/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Goergia Giacobbe of Chilkat Valley Against Family Violence about local networking to stop domestic violence.

Mother’s Day 5/12/07

Steve Scarrott talks to sons and daughters about mothers.

Lynn Canal Conservation 5/12/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Nancy Berland of Lynn Canal Conservation.

Spring Fling 4/28/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Tom Morphet of the Southeast Alaska State Fair about the Spring Fling and other upcoming events.

Women’s Health Month 4/28/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Betsy Van Burgh and Pam Sloper of the Wise Woman Program about upcoming events related to National Women’s Health Month.

Haines Arts Council 4/14/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Tom Heywood of the Haines Arts Council about upcoming events.

Child Abuse Awareness Month 4/7/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Clinical Supervisor for Lynn Canal Counseling and Psychotherapist Robin Grace about National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Haines Head Start 4/7/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Chairperson of the Parent Committee for Haines Head Start, Susan Haddock about their annual taco feed fund raiser.

April Fool’s Day 03/31/07

Steve Scarrott explains the story behind April Fool’s Day

Greater Tuna 03/31/07

Steve Scarrott talks with the cast and crew of “Greater Tuna.”

Big Brothers/Big Sisters 03/24/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Upper Lynn Canal “Bigs” coordinator, Burl Sheldon about upcoming events and activities

Samarabalouf 03/10/07

John Hunt interviews Pierre Margerin, guitar player with the French Gypsy Jazz ensemble Samarabalouf.

Marine Safety 2/17/07

Steve Scarrott talks with Karl Johnson about AMSEA Marine Safety class