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Local News 01/28/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway goes non-smoking. An internship opportunity with Senator Murkowski for high school students. Locals represent Alaska in an international snow carving competition.

Local News 01/27/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // The solution to fast ferry problems could be in the Mediterranean (Schoenfeld). Homicide case in Ketchikan court. A familiar brand is phasing out to look more Alaskan (Banse). A battle of the bellies, this weekend in Skagway.

Local News 01/26/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway Panthers basketball problems are not on the court; they are in dropping school enrollment. Local Dolphins win medals while setting a good example in the Winter Games. A recent recall could affect your new snow machine.

Local News 01/25/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Economic value of Southeast salmon fishery surprises researchers (Woolsey). Johansen update from Ketchikan (Dudzak). Climber stalls in a first-ever solo attempt to summit Denali (Bross).

Local News 01/24/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines woman guilty of arson. Hoonah shooting still in trial (Miller). Wrangell and Hoonah basketball results. School in Galena loses a building to fire (Bross). Selection of new Marine Highway chief on hold (Schoenfeld). Emerging market economies and Southeast Alaska (Kelly).

Local News 01/21/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Juneau poacher involved in killing Romeo the wolf is sentenced (Kelly). The final installment of the Sealaska lands bill series (Casey). Johansen gets a trial run before a chance to rejoin the caucus (Schoenfeld).

Local News 01/20/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // An invention by Skagway kids wins first in Alaska and an invitation to compete at a worldwide competition. Upper Lynn Canal drama, debate and forensics teams claim best meet ever in Ketchikan. Tune into KHNS for the final report in the Sealaska lands bill series.

Local News 01/19/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Home team basketball scores update and preview. Part five in the Sealaska lands bill series (Ronco). Researchers want to know how commercial fishing impacts the Southeast economy (Kelly). Projections estimate hundreds fewer jobs in Southeast this year (Schoenfeld).

Local News 01/18/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Part four in the Sealaska lands bill series (Viechnicki). The ferry system is still looking for its new top official (Schoenfeld).

Local News 01/17/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Alcan 200 riders compete against each other and the cold in the 42nd annual race. Part three in a series on Sealaska lands legislation (Kelly).

Local News 01/14/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // More action for the Skagway port, as Tidelands Lease negotiations continue. Part 2 in a series on the Sealaska lands bill (Garrison).

Local News 01/13/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Mt. Ripinsky rescue story, from the mouth of the survivor. A preview of the 42nd annual Alcan200 snowmachine race.

Local News 01/12/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // Unique snow conditions inspire an avalanche awareness course in Skagway. CoastAlaska reporters bring to you a series explaining the possible impacts of the Sealaska lands bill (Schoenfeld).

Local News 01/11/2011

Host: Tara Bicknell // New faces in the Skagway Borough. A class teaching the oldest living language in the area resumes. Skakway versus Klawock scores.

Mt. Ripinsky Rescue Special

Host: Byrne Power, Tara Bicknell // A daring rescue on Mount Ripinsky, half-hour special.

Local News 01/06/2011

Host: Byrne Power // A Man Falls from Mount Ripinsky, Haines Boys Basketball Preview

Local News 01/05/2011

Host: Byrne Power // A Second Half of the Disney Ship Preview, Skagway Boys Basketball Preview

Local News 01/04/2011

Host: Byrne Power // A preview of the Disney Ship, Skagway Girls Basketball Preview

Local News 01/03/2011

Host: Byrne Power // Haines Glacier Bears Girls Basketball Preview, Stratton Library (Woolsey)


Local News 12/30/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Basketball begins in the Upper Lynn Canal, Looking for New Years Resolutions

Local News 12/29/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Gold Rush Alaska Under Closer Scrutiny, Sealaska Land Exchange in Sitka

Local News 12/28/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Pizza Joe Tells ‘Some Good Stories’, Wind Power in Sitka (Woolsey)

Local News 12/27/2010

Host: Byrne Power // White Pass Railroad Raises the Rates for the Minto Mine, Wood Pellets (Dudzak), Snowplow Etiquette

Local News 12/23/2010

Host: Byrne Power // XTRATUF Boot Book, Skagway gets 10 Million for Dock, Unemployment Statistics, Christmas Cheer

Local News 12/22/2010

Host: Byrne Power // ESC’s Stephanie Scott Resigns, A Green Sea Turtle Found Near Ketchikan (Dudzak)

Local News 12/21/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Haines Borough Population Projected Loss, Native Plant Source Directory, Extinct Japanese Salmon Rediscovered (Barrett), Fossman At UAA, Geppetto’s Junkyard

Local News 12/19/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Ferry Cancellations Extra Air Traffic, Six Week Spotlight at the Sheldon Museum

Local News 12/16/2010

Host: Byrne Power // The 111th Annual Audubon Bird Count, Holly Jolly Christmas Follies, Auxiliary Diesel Power in Haines

Local News 12/15/2010

Host: Byrne Power // The Port Alexander Museum (Wolsey), Changes in the Alaska Board of Game Hunting Proposals, Skagway Girls Volleyball at State

Local News 12/14/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Gepetto’s Junkyard Puppet Show The Mystery of Life, An Illegal Moose in Haines and Haines and Skagway Teams at the Juneau Robotics Jamboree

Local News 12/13/2010

Host: Byrne Power // 4.6 Earthquake in the Upper Lynn Canal,DEEPER Film Director Interview(Hamilton), Skagway Arts Council Classes

Local News 12/9/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Skagway Tidelands Lease, The Norwegian Jewel comes to Skagway in 2012, The Premier of Gold Rush Alaska (Bicknell)

Local News 12/8/2010

Host: Byrne Power // Storyteller/Drummer Gene Tagaban Returns to the Upper Lynn Canal , Avalanche Control with the Daisy Bell in Juneau (Kelley)

Local News 12/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell & Byrne Power // Skagway Panther Volleyball goes to State. Suicide Prompts Community Soul-searching in Wrangell. Holiday Concerts.

Local News 12/6/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sounds from one of the biggest shopping days in Haines (Power). Federal money goes to Haines, Klukwan and Mosquito Lake schools, but not Skagway.

Local News 12/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway residents will have more input on a proposed smoking ban. A Klukwan leader speaks for Native Heritage Month. Goat hunting season on par with last year.

Local News 12/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkoot Corridor discussion. State elections final, mostly. Investigation continues into a series of local newspaper ads that involved Representative Bill Thomas. Sablefish numbers could answer the halibut issue (Schoenfeld).

Local News 12/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Artifacts find their way back to native groups in Southeast Alaska. $12,000+ distributed to Chilkat Valley organizations (Power).

Local News 11/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The story behind one of a big employer in Haines: research in the Mojave Desert. More senior housing for Chilkat Valley residents (Giacobbe).

Local News 11/29/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Municipal league notes, checking boats, recalled cheese, pipeline talk and a traveling Planetarium hits Haines this week.

Local News 11/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway residents and officials meet to discuss a proposed smoking ban. A local watershed group is looking for new leadership; executive director moves on to California.

Local News 11/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Needs are up this holiday season for Southeast charities (Schoenfeld/Bicknell). Thanksgiving is also the Day of Mourning for some. Why Alaskans should know more about diabetes.

Local News 11/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Introducing two new residents making headlines in Skagway and the Chilkat Valley. Alaska could look at Oregon for wave power ideas (Banse).

Local News 11/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // No determination yet from APOC hearing. Ferry chief retires, food banks celebrate the holidays their way, first ferry service to Gustavus (Schoenfeld). Deportation in Alaska (Banse). Skagway kids plan a community garden.

Local News 11/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Life in Haines is the subject of a new column in a leading lifestyle magazine. Meet Kay Clements, who will join KHNS as the new general manager early next year.

Local News 11/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines health clinic is getting bigger. Honoring musical talent in the Chilkat Valley (Hicks). Many of our products come in on the barge, but what is life like on there? (Rideout)

Local News 11/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A released eagle is back in captivity, after showing signs of distress on the Chilkat River. Introducing the newest addition to the Haines Fire Department. Haines Animal Rescue Kennel brings on a new Animal Officer.

Local News 11/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A bald eagle release ceremony caps off the annual Bald Eagle Festival. Skagway is full of history; unfortunately, so is the Skagway River. A cleanup is fixing that.

Local News 11/12/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // Additional Haines fuel tax proposed. Veterans honored in the northern Lynn Canal (Bicknell). Honor music festival.

Local News 11/11/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // A local veteran recites a poem he wrote about coming home from Vietnam. Haines girls volleyball has finished their season! Could an Alaskan volcano help fish habitat? (Northwest News Network)

Local News 11/10/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Bald Eagle Festival begins in Haines. A top industry award goes to Buckwheat. Taiya Inlet Watershed Council is without an executive director, but maintaining. Sealaska subsidiary opening in one village in Southeast (Schoenfeld).

Local News 11/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Local law enforcement officials recall what it was like to fill in for officers killed in the line of duty in Hoonah in August. Peace Day awards feature local students (Hamilton).

Local News 11/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Bill Thomas takes on new leadership role in the House (Schoenfeld). Locally-produced film features local hunters, that fly. Klukwan lures foodies by their tastebuds in an annual benefit.

Local News 11/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Local ferry out of service (Kelly). KHNS narrows the field for a manager. Southeast lawmakers retain leadership roles (Schoenfeld). Alaska Airlines receive bad ratings. Shrimp season halfway done. Skagway and Haines volleyball nearing regionals.

Local News 11/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A look ahead at the annual Bald Eagle Festival (Giacobbe). Wrestling ups and downs in the northern Lynn Canal.

Local News 11/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. Where to find ballot information. A special report from the Haines High School.

Local News 10/29/2010: Halloween Special

Host: Tara Bicknell // Part two of a Halloween Special, with local ghost stories from your neighbors. Happy Halloween.

Local News 10/29/2010: Halloween Special

Host: Tara Bicknell // Part one of a Halloween Special, with local ghost stories from your neighbors. Happy Halloween.

Local News 10/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A forum with candidates for Alaska House District 5, with Republican Bill Thomas and Democrat Robert Beedle, with questions of pertinence to the northern Lynn Canal.

Debate for the State 2010: Part 2

Host: Alaska Public Radio Network // Recording of live debate for Alaska Governor; aired Thursday, October 28 at 8 PM on KHNS.

Debate for the State 2010: Part 1

Host: Alaska Public Radio Network // Recording of live debates for United States House and Senate seats; aired Wednesday, October 27 at 8 PM on KHNS.

Local News 10/27/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Former students and teachers remember the old primary school, days after its demolition. Assembly votes to swear in Goodman to Seat E.

District 5 Forum with Robert Beedle and Bill Thomas

Join CoastAlaska reporter Ed Schoenfeld to hear from candidates running for District 5 House seat: Haines Republican Bill Thomas and Cordova Democrat Robert Beedle. The half-hour forum focuses on issued important to the region.

Local News 10/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // What the November ballot looks like. Police say a missing nuisance bear is NOT a public threat any longer. Hundreds help make a home Glacier Bears meet happen.

Local News 10/25/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines police track an injured bear shot on school grounds. Will Greg Goodman take the oath of office Tuesday? Bear and heli-ski ordinances on the Assembly agenda.

Local News 10/22/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // Wastewater is one issue on the cruise ship advisory panel agenda (Ed Schoenfeld). Alaska Energy Month. Remembering a Juneau resident.

Local News 10/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The cruise ship advisory panel meets this week. DEC recalls vegetables with glass shards. Haines School adds modern science classes. A rise in Chilkat Valley home fires is alarming to firefighters.

Local News 10/19/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Where the happiest anglers in the Lynn Canal are this week. An update on Chief Skookum. A flamenco artist promises passion and heat in a performance this week.

Local News 10/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Donations to local groups more than doubled in the second PFD charitable contributions fund. A Southeast Alaska man in Laos after retirement.

Local News 10/15/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // An antique gun discovered in the wall of a Skagway site. New wind turbine south of KHNS listening area (Kelly). Don Young on ferries (Schoenfeld).

Local News 10/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Haines pastime gains popularity, but runs low on equipment. Hearing from congressional candidates, and what they say about Southeast Alaska (Schoenfeld).

Local News 10/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines certifies municipal elections, a School Board seat is decided. A state agency looks into the legality of a series of local ads involving Representative Bill Thomas. How to be a judge for a weekend.

Local News 10/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The ferry schedule for next summer is posted, with two additional trips to Bellingham. Bear problems, bear solutions and bear collars. The largest dam removal in history is taking place in the Pacific Northwest. A local man is elected to an ANB seat.

Local News 10/11/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // Correction: A Yukon refinery story was incorrectly run; it is not current. Top non-profit money-makers from the PFD PickClickGive campaign (Kelly). Remembering George Rogers.

Local News 10/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The local moose hunt closes with 21 bulls so far. Fire Prevention Week gives Haines families a chance to practice surviving an emergency situation. Forest Service projects Southeast-wide (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 10/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A special report on a local coaches last race (Blake Hamilton). A raven that thinks he is a human, may be moving to Haines.

Local News 10/6/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Municipal elections results. A candidate behind in the votes is contesting the election. The Haines Fire Department answers a personnel matter.

Local News 10/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Internet down reminds some residents of the 1990s. ANB and ANS meeting this week. Circus doesn’t come to town, but close. Foreign exchange students on the volleyball roster. Moose update.

Local News 10/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Profiling Skagway Assembly candidates. Details on Election Day. Other measures on ballots around Southeast Alaska.

Local News 10/1/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks // Candidates for School Board talk about their positions (Tara Bicknell). The Lummis are having quite a year with the sockeye run (Tom Banse).

Local News 9/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Skagway resident leaves to lead Glacier Bay National Park. More from scientists in the Pacific Northwest on global warming (Tom Banse).

Local News 9/29/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // South Pacific comes to Haines. Police chief warns seniors of scams. Black Spruce discovery (Kayti Hicks). The moose hunt continues.

Local News 9/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Ferry changes (Ed Schoenfeld). Artist deadline. Political signs could be illegal. Cross country runners qualify for state.

Haines Candidate Forum 9-27-10

Host: Tara Bicknell // Candidates for Haines Assembly join KHNS and Chilkat Valley News for a question and answer forum in front of a live audience.

Local News 9/27/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Moose hunt update. Last week to apply for $11,000 in local funding. A nearby brewery faces legal troubles (Matt Miller). A Tlingit-based judicial camp is on hold. (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 9/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Candidate forums introduce those running for Assembly. A world-traveling photographer brings his film to Haines. A Skagway couple talks about twenty-five years of film making behind material at the library.

Local News 9/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skookum says he is determined to stay Chief. A borough official is named to the board of Southeast Conference. Yukon looks to Skagway for a possible solution to Internet trouble. Cross country heads to regionals. DDF begins.

Local News 9/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first moose of the hunt is still under investigation. A remarkably old bear charges a Haines man and surprises biologists. The local hunt compared to the southern panhandle. And autumn inspirations.

Local News 9/21/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // What to do with a few thousand extra dollars? The moose count holds steady. Kids celebrate International Day of Peace. The Haines Centennial photo is in.

Local News 9/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Moose calls and an update. The biggest dam removal in United States history begins in Washington. Haines Borough talks bear safety and heli-skiing.

Local News 9/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Training to help people with terminal illness. The newest hire in the Haines Borough is a local man. Cellular phones on marine vessels (Mike Mason).

Local News 9/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Saying bye to a couple that greeted thousands of Haines visitors. First cross country race of the season belonged to a Skagway Panther. Haines Glacier Bears ran hard in the first Yakutat meet.

Local News 9/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines will keep old gym and classrooms. An annual group for grieving. Brown bear, moose and most goat hunting opens this week for Lynn Canal hunters.

Local News 9/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sport fish counts; plus, state and national fishing and hunting news of local interest. Old maps find their way home to Klukwan after 111 years missing.

Local News 9/10/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Assault charges dropped against Little Carmacks Chief. Tourism Director resigns; Haines Borough thinks department reorganization. Popcorn machine gives bar patrons a scare.

Local News 9/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Thousands run away from Skagway for the Road Relay. Raising awareness about FASD. Preparing for moose hunt. The Golden Circle Run ends this weekend.

Local News 9/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Which part of the old school should Haines demolish? Skagway decides whether to permit sled dog demonstrations. A modern upgrade to the decades-old controls at the Haines water treatment plant. Haines reached a heat record this week, despite easing into autumn.

Local News 9/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Northern Lynn Canal joins Hoonah in mourning. A profile of the Skagway Port Commission after their first year. The first Glacier Bears home game could be the beginning of a lucky year.

Local News 9/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway considers re-instating harbor mechanic services. The science behind more sightings of bear sows with multiple cubs. Smoked salmon vodka is made in Alaska, but seemingly not for Alaskans.

Local News 9/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A new Skagway friend returns safe from a long paddle in a homemade canoe. Volleyball season begins with the first home game this weekend.

Local News 9/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Honoring ten years of service to the Haines Volunteer Fire Department. Introducing Mama Grizzlies. The first Skagway farmers market is this weekend.

Local News 8/31/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A look at the independent tourist in the northern panhandle. With primary elections over, Southeast candidates look ahead to the general election (Ed Schoenfeld). Sourdoughs unite … in Las Vegas.

Local News 8/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A shooting in Hoonah diverts a ship to Skagway. Health screenings give important numbers for free. Southeast Alaska talks about ferry schedule (Ed Schoenfeld).Trail Challenge gets hikers discovering new Skagway trails.

Local News 8/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // State primary results. Wastewater regulations back in court. Chickens in church. Southeast Fair holds annual meeting. KHNS general manager resigns. Storytelling for health.

Local News 8/25/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Another approach to harbor expansion may get the job done. The Golden Circle Run begins next week, for a second year.

Local News 8/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Borough takes up heli-ski issue. Princess Cruises wants to know what it is like to be you.

Local News 8/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkat Valley students return to school. Alaska still learns from Pacific Northwest salmon runs. A look at the primary election ahead.

Local News 8/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Not all eagle viewers are fans of the birds. Mammogram van visits northern Lynn Canal communities. Ted Stevens left his mark on the ferry system, too.

Local News 8/19/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines main water line gets replaced. Experts meet to discuss bear safety in urban areas.

Local News 8/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway School starts, with some new faces. A rare, white-colored bear is spotted in the Chilkat Valley.

Local News 8/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A new organization offers $11,000 in grant money to non-profits. A look at Ted Stevens’ legacy with native communities.

Local News 8/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sounds from Haines centennial picnic, and the photo that preserved the day. A house in Angoon could serve as an example for Chilkat Valley homes trying to save energy.

Local News 8/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Roadwork is nearly complete. A car company uses the Golden Circle for a test drive. Autopsy results show another cause of death than PSP. An author discusses a controversial figure in Chilkat Valley history.

Local News 8/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Statistics show salmon fishing is more dangerous than Bering Sea crabbing. Golfers raise money for cancer research. Haines plans a celebration for turning 100.

Local News 8/11/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines kids present video and stories from their trip to Africa. Are you one of the many Alaskans with multiple jobs?

Local News 8/10/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Locals work to bring back a defunct youth program in the northern Lynn Canal. The new ferry schedule has surprises and authorities want feedback.

Local News 8/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Troopers rescue two boaters off Sullivan Island. The first Aurora Brewealis. Haines gets a harbormaster.

Local News 8/6/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sounds from the first ever Southeast Alaska talent show at the fair. A closer look at candidates in the upcoming house race.

Local News 8/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A historic Haines trail gets upgrades. A new generation of puppetry gets called for an encore. The next permanent fund dividend could match the last one, according to recent estimates.

Local News 8/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Juneau housing report (Casey Kelly). Why common vegetables are banned at the border; and where hundreds of pounds of confiscated food goes.

Local News 8/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkoot sockeye arrived with an unexpectedly healthy run. Conditions are right for an active auroral light show. Southeast terminals get upgrades (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 8/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sounds from the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Another Southeast town considers public cold storage (Casey Kelly).

Local News 7/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // (Live from the SEAK Fair.) Whale problems in the Lynn Canal. A new competition at the fair. Talking to bands Sasquatch Prom Date and Blvd. Park, plus hula hoop artist Spiral.

Local News 7/29/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // (Live from the SEAK Fair.) Governor Sean Parnell plans to visit Skagway. Research shows the latest bug infestation is a first for Alaska. Democrat Robert Beedle is challenging Haines Republican Bill Thomas in the November election. Restoration continues on king salmon spawning habitat.

Local News 7/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Meeting the headliners of the Southeast Alaska State Fair, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. And, the fair isn’t all about revelry; you can excersise, too. Taking a look at woody biomass projects and efforts outside of Haines.

Local News 7/27/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines learns more about what it might take to have a wood pellet mill in town. Ray Troll shares his visual and audible art at the Southeast Alaska State Fair.

Local News 7/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Eddie Skookum is out of jail, The Juneau Access Project is reviewed in court. Introducing Southeast Alaska State Fair performers NANDA.

Local News 7/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway honors a former city manager. Residents and bears up north help clean up 30,000 pounds of spilled — but edible — fish. Plus other strange bear and spill news.

Local News 7/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines kids are going wild, in the production Jungle Book. Work from a local artist opens at the Sheldon. Thorstensen cited while fishing.

Local News 7/21/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A statewide bug infestation affects Haines gardeners. Recent regulations in the sockeye fishery have made a positive impact, biologists say.

Local News 7/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A mystery donation speeds up construction of eagle mews. Update on Ruth Lake hydro project in Southeast Alaska (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 7/19/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway archaeology teaches kids to dig. The Southeast Alaska State Fair is 42 this year, but feeling younger than ever.

Local News 7/16/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks// AK Unemployment drops, Tlingit and Haida Central Council is expanding their Public Village and Safety Officer Program

Local News 7/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Juneau Access Project is back in court. A lettuce recall due to E. coli. Results from the KHNS membership drive. The Pat Moore Memorial Derby begins in Skagway.

Local News 7/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Meeting three candidates running for two Chilkoot Indian Association Tribal Council seats. Local teachers are blogging and sports fans could someday watch the Glacier Bears play online, with a new site.

Local News 7/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway is the first in the state to install time-saving technology at the border. Missing bones open up a story about some early Alaska migrants.

Local News 7/12/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks//

Local News 7/8/2010

Host: Kayti Hicks// Local Museums receive grant money. A Yukon Chief is being held in the Haines Jail facility ,due to charges of assault. A citizen group says local sales tax money should be used to pay for a North Douglas crossing.

Local News 7/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Cruise Industry drops lawsuit against head tax (Schoenfeld). Downtown planning moves ahead in Haines. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 7/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Independence Day celebrations bring pie-eating, nail-pounding, hero-parading, hose-battling fun to the northern Lynn Canal. State Fair exhibits are soon due. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 6/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway has the lowest May unemployment in the state. The Yukon River Quest begins with heavy rain and almost 200 paddlers. Details on a Kellogg recall. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 6/29/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Five hikers are back on the Chilkoot Trail after a near-death poison-plant experience. Chilkoot Indian Association candidates meet in a forum. Five Skagway businesses are named for safety. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 6/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Sealaska elects new board members. The story behind bringing 150 performers to the SEAK state fair. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 6/25/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Gold production begins at Kensington Mine south of Haines. Local fish smokery makes its biggest business move since opening the Skagway store in 1990. A special feature, News from Your Past, peeks into 30 years of KHNS news archives, as the station celebrates three decades of public radio.

Local News 6/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // DEC says test results show that local crab is safe to consume. The new Skagway clinic invites the community to an open house. KHNS celebrates 30 years during the annual membership drive.

Local News 6/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway harbor fees increase next year. Sealaska webcasts the annual meeting this weekend (Ed Schoenfeld). Fairbanks riders sweep the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay.

Local News 6/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A search for a missing Haines man is temporarily suspended. Medical officials suspect PSP in the death of a Haines man. Shareholders vote not to reduce two board seats of the village Native corporation in Angoon (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 6/21/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Haines man could be the fifth in the state with Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning. The Haines School allocates a quarter of a million to roof the outdoor basketball courts. A Southeast tribal government challenges how the state handles subsistence management (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 6/21/2010

Host: Jessica Plachta// A Haines man is the fifth in the state with Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning. The Haines School allocates a quarter of a million to roof the outdoor basketball courts. A Southeast tribal government challenges how the state handles subsistence management.

Local News 6/18/2010

Host: Jessica Plachta// The Southeast Alaska State Fair hosts a talent show this year, Haines High School broadcast journalism students share their new skills, and locally raised author Allen Gregg has published a new children’s book about ice worms.

Local News 6/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Chilkat Valley prepares for its biggest bike relay ever. Alaska Airlines promises faster baggage service (Kayti Hicks). An audio postcard from Celebration in Juneau (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 6/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Staff from Senate offices visit local communities. An earthquake shook ground in the Lynn Canal. Devoted to Dyea teaches Skagway kids about cultural preservation (Kayti Hicks). A Haines book captures the spirit of Alaska through photo. Marjorie Harris retires after thirty years in government.

Local News 6/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Biologists take a first look at local eulachon. A permanent closure on the Canadian side of the Chilkoot Trail. A nearby wreck gets protective status (Kayti Hicks). Valuable ivory is still missing from a Skagway shop.

Local News 6/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Pipeline discussions continue, with public meetings in Haines and Skagway. Hollywood is looking for Alaskans. Skagway is the stopover in a human-powered journey from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean.

Local News 6/11/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Local artist wins top award in Juneau traditional art competition. More of the story behind the Princess Kathleen cleanup. Haines borough audits give free homeowner advice.

Local News 6/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A salmon derby controversy ends in naming a new winner. A cruise ship norovirus outbreak is a reminder that the seasonal sickness is avoidable. Residents have a chance to help direct a University outreach program that benefits them.

Local News 6/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A fire is under control in southwest Chilkat Peninsula. The no-shooting zone in Skagway is bigger. Hatchery work brings more King salmon to the Lynn Canal. A report from Chilkat Valley locals in Africa.

Local News 6/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A fire is under control in southwest Chilkat Peninsula. The no-shooting zone in Skagway is bigger. Hatchery work brings more King salmon to the Lynn Canal. A report from Chilkat Valley locals in Africa.

Local News 6/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Northern Lynn Canal gains and losses in the final capital budget. Haines takes a new direction in alternative energy research. Matt Liechtenstein reports on changes affecting Tongess National Forest.

Local News 6/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Representative Bill Thomas has a challenger in the 2010 election. Remembering Vivian Menaker. Two Haines artists bring their whimsical styles together in an exhibit for friends and neighbors.

Local News 6/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // One local home brew is among those awarded in the recent Brew Festival. An oil leak success story in the Lynn Canal (Miller). Skagway visitation is down, but planning for future trips could be up.

Local News 6/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines King Salmon Derby is off to a sunny, but slow, start. A youth drowning at Portage Cove involved dozens of responders. The first North Words Writers Symposium brings Alaska authors together in Skagway.

Local News 5/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first wildfire of the season maxes out Lynn Canal resources. The most comprehensive Tlingit dictionary to date is released this week, and had contributors from Haines and Klukwan.

Local News 5/27/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Wildland fire season is beginning, fire bans are in effect. The Haines King Derby is easier on the fisherman this year. Skagway Rec Center challenges hikers. A look ahead at what could be a record-breaking Brew Fest this weekend.

Local News 5/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway considers scaling down proposed expansion of no-shooting zone. The next Independence Day fireworks show in Haines could be on the Port Chilkoot Dock. Chilkat Valley brings back adult reading after two decades without.

Local News 5/25/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Haines-based group takes steps to bring new cruise ship wastewater rule to court. Most Southeast Representatives, including Thomas, are unchallenged a week before candidate filing deadline (Ed Schoenfeld). A Haines resident assists archaeologists in Africa.

Local News 5/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkat Inlet anglers can bring home more Kings this summer. Skagway boys track takes sixth in state with only two athletes. Haines is now home to the male and female Alaska discus champs.

Local News 5/21/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Local unemployment rates were down last month, and continue to be lower than the rest of the country. American Craft Beer Week inspires the first Southeast Alaska Beer Week, which celebrates Haines and Skagway brews.

Local News 5/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway unveils its new skate park this weekend. The Skagway Fire Association raises money for local causes with the annual car wash. Haines residents help restore a 140-year-old grave site.

Local News 5/19/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Alaska Airlines brings free wi-fi to its flights, but not yet in its namesake state. Northern Lynn Canal athletes have one last chance to rank number one in Alaska. Snow is melting, but snowmachine trail maintenance season is just beginning.

Local News 5/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Chilkat Bald Eagle makes it out of rehab and back home. A group of nine students depart for Africa this week.

Local News 5/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Graduation ceremonies for seniors, eighth graders and kindergartners are this week. Alaska Arbor Day celebrates community forests. Alaska journalists gathered in Anchorage recently, including local reporters (Mike Mason.)

Local News 5/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Borough officials return from Washington, D.C. A Coast Guard examiner is in northern Lynn Canal ports. Southeast Alaska boats map the ocean floor (Robert Woolsey). The EPA considers a ban on leaded fuel for small planes (Ed Schoenfeld).

Local News 5/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center celebrates its 30th birthday this weekend. A book tour for Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs by Heather Lende starts in Haines.

Local News 5/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Skagway show opens for its 85th year, with one huge change. Cruise ship ports in Southeast adjust to falling visitation (Ed Schoenfeld). Fourth annual Chilkat River Walk, this weekend.

Local News 5/11/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // School students perform their final concert of the year. The National Park Service helps new tour guides get to know their new town.

Local News 5/10/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // University of Alaska – Southeast hand out diplomas to the class of 2010. A new tour could be in Haines this summer. The Haines Borough discusses legal services, budget and downtown beautification this week.

Local News 5/7/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Alaska’s Writer Laureate visits the Upper Lynn Canal, Klehini bridge reopens to free-flowing traffic, and the Alaska State legislature considers a bill to limit number of consecutive hours nurses can work.

Local News 5/6/2010

Host: Jessica Plachta // The Southeast Alaska State Fair hosts the ‘Spring Fling’ this weekend, local Representative Bill Thomas update, and head swim coach Steve Vick recaps the season for the Haines Dolphin Swim Team.

Local News 5/5/2010

Host: Jessica Plachta // Department of Defense and Juneau Economic Development Council team up to offer summer camps for southeast students. Haines and Skagway both have record high numbers of HS Track and Field athletes.

Local News 5/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway students bring salsa and Caribbean stories back home. An update on the Alaska Class Ferry that could be in the northern Lynn Canal in three years.

Local News 5/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first cruise ship arrives Wednesday. Tuesday is Alaska Agriculture Day; an agriculture program in Skagway has doubled and the Haines School is building a garden. Mammogram van from SEARHC is in the northern Lynn Canal.

Local News 4/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Representative Bill Thomas debriefs northern Lynn Canal residents on decisions made during session. The annual creel survey is a reminder to fisherman (Ed Ronco). Steve Vick is staying in Haines.

Local News 4/29/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Princess Cruises have not made any changes to 2011 itinerary. Central Council brings back a former president. Rockumentaries, auctions and expos in your neighborhood this weekend.

Local News 4/28/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // New state standards for cruise ship wastewater laws could end up in court (Ed Schoenfeld). Street sweeping continues in Skagway. A Haines-raised actress co-stars in Juneau. The spring garage sale in Skagway might be bigger than usual this time around.

Local News 4/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The new live raptor center in Haines gets its first residents. A new state forest makes it three in the system, behind Haines and Fairbanks.

Local News 4/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Culture Days bring students from as far as Anchorage to Klukwan. Clean Sweep has been sprucing up Skagway for almost 50 years. Skagway Folk Fest this Friday.

Local News 4/21/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines is not the only Southeast town incorporated 100 years ago. A local man pleads guilty to making a false report to police about a gunshot wound. Ukulele Week features the many people who play the instrument locally.

Local News 4/20/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Coast Guard investigates an oil slick report in Haines. The Senate Finance Committee adds a Haines dock purchase to the latest version of the budget.

Local News 4/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // An avalanche closed the Klondike Highway Thursday; there were no injuries. The EPA takes action against a Haines land owner. Twenty Skagway students are on their way to a Caribbean island.

Local News 4/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway Manager Smith is recovering from surgery in Anchorage. The Six-Week Spotlight returns to Haines, and the Spring Show of Winter Work to Skagway. History exhibits reinstalled. An award-winning documentary shows this weekend.

Local News 4/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Troopers settle an illegal moose kill in Haines; discuss Defense of Life and Property. Fish and Game responds to increased reports of bears, coyotes and moose. Bear hunt regulations. Big Air contest results.

Local News 4/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway Assembly sends support for the cruise ship head-tax reduction. Art Fest invites Haines public to a closing art show. Bushells play Skagway Wednesday.

Local News 4/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Yukon River Quest registration is extended; no local teams have yet signed up. Fines are forgiven during Library Week in Haines. Haines School students perform their pirate musical this week.

Local News 4/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Checking in with Representative Thomas on salmon industry legislation. There is renewed interest in bringing Eldred Rock Lighthouse under local ownership. A local student represents Alaska in a national contest.

Local News 4/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Big Air hits 15 years this weekend at the border. After more than three decades without an alley, bowling is back in Haines for one day only.

Local News 4/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first craft brew fest in Skagway. Sport fish regulations for rockfish and Chinooks are out. The Alaska Class Ferry could be running in three years (AP). Skagway voters favor raising the senior property tax exemption.

Local News 4/6/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Divers estimate how much oil is leaking from the sunken Princess Kathleen (Matt Miller). Governor Parnell holds a phone town hall meeting. Hunt permits announced this week. Chilkat Valley residents learn about the art of raising mushrooms.

Local News 4/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway voters go to the polls tomorrow. Local history is revived with digital technology. Charter fishing applications are due. Haines School Board reviews FY11 budget this week.

Local News 4/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // After ten years of planning, construction begins this month on the Skagway skate park. The Energy Fair returns this year as the Sustainibility Fair.

Local News 4/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A loophole in wastewater treatment laws opens the door for Soviet-era submarine tours. One of the most plentiful animal products in the Chilkat Valley could yeild traces of 24kt gold.

Local News 3/31/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Dalton Cache adds its first agricultural specialist to staff. Tlingit artifacts return to Southeast Alaska (KTOO). SEARHC celebrates five years smoke-free, and is bringing the free cake.

Local News 3/30/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The state is suing fast ferry manufacturers (KTOO). A high school senior takes first place at Buckwheat Ski Classic, amidst world-class skiers. District 5 democrats elect officers.

Local News 3/26/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The House OKs a Haines land provision. With only days left in the Permanent Fund Dividend filing period, a new program sees more activity.

Local News 3/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Klukwan, Haines and Skagway are still contenders for Gold Medal championships. Dates to remember as Celebration approaches. Jennifer Aniston buys Alaskan.

Local News 3/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway residents have a chance to upgrade medical transporation services for their household. Tsunami Awareness Week reminds Lynn Canal residents about specific hazards and procedures. Klukwan teams are bumped to consolation brackets in Gold Medal.

Local News 3/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway brings home its first basketball state title ever. Tlingit and Haida elections results. Local teams compete in Gold Medal tournament. The ES&C meets to introduce the new energy auditor.

Local News 3/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Glacier Bears boys take 3A state title! Skagway Panthers girls advance in 2A state. The Big Read spotlights local performers. Nearby events celebrate the beginning of spring.

Local News 3/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines School District introduces their strategic plan to the Assembly. Skagway School District looks for a superintendent. Panthers talk strategy for state. Glacier Bears heading into the championship game. The Census Totem is in Haines for one day only.

Local News 3/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Upper Lynn Canal basketball begins at the state level. A new help line expands local support services. Local elections for Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

Local News 3/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Unemployment rates are up but seasonal employment ramps up this month (Kelly/Bicknell). Governor Parnell asks native leaders to help decrease domestic violence (Schoenfeld). Area drama debate and forensics students are back from state.

Local News 3/12/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Haines Borough Manager makes selections for potential land transfer as per an amendment to Alaska House Bill 273. Haines Chamber of Commerce president discusses upcoming Strategic Planning Session.

Local News 3/11/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Convention and Visitors’ Bureau Directors for Haines and Skagway discuss international Cruise Ship conference in Miami, FL; Haines Director will attend. Skagway Lady Panthers Basketball co-Coach discusses Region 5 championship game, and propects at the upcoming State Finals.

Local News 3/10/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Stranded Skagway resident is finally rescued from Juneau Icefield. Boys Glacier Bears Basketball coach announces spaghetti dinner benefit to help raise funds for travel to state tournament in Anchorage. KCAW’s Robert Woolsey gives a wrap-up of the Region 5 tournament, with attention on the nail-biting final game between Haines & Mt. Edgecumbe.

Local News 3/9/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Efforts continue to rescue local resident from upper Meade Glacier, on the Juneau Icefield. Cheer, Dance, and Stunt team coach for Haines discusses performance at Region 5 tournament in Sitka, and expectations for state in Anchorage.

Local News 3/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Pipeline representatives bring more information to Haines. Panthers and Glacier Bears are state-bound; more coverage to come. Information fairs clarify veteran benefits. Haines Assembly considers conflict management skills to resolve heli-ski issues.

Local News 3/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // MTV, People Magazine and Time loved them. Now the Ahn Trio play Haines Monday. Regionals tournaments heat up, but four upper Lynn Canal teams are in the championship round for state.

Local News 3/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Increased mail delivery to Lynn Canal communities starts this weekend. Haines borough will not hire a full-time grant writer. Panther and Glacier Bears still in the running for state. Canada takes public comments for their part of the Chilkoot Trail.

Local News 3/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // District republicans elect local party leaders. Panthers and Glacier Bears standings, one day into regionals. Juneau vies for higher-speed internet from Google (Casey Kelly).

Local News 3/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Hospitality House is complete in Klukwan. Panthers and Glacier Bears begin region V competition. A recall affects granola bars in Alaska.

Local News 3/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines continues looking at how wind power or geothermal energy could work in the Chilkat Valley. The Haines School is just one northern Lynn Canal places where trash is being reused.

Local News 2/26/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Alaska DOT&PF releases its plan for work in 2010, including 2 projects in the upper Lynn Canal. A workshop at the library will allow people to learn about and practice Northwest Coast art and design. Haines area residents help rescue an eagle that is unfortunately mortally wounded.

Local News 2/25/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // A successful search and rescue involved local responders and leaves lessons. Little scientists and lots of puppets entertain Skagway this weekend.

Local News 2/24/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Big Read brings drama, mystery and free books to Haines. Local teams take two top slots in the largest Hotch basketball tournament ever.

Local News 2/23/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Cornell University is among several organizations that want to track Haines wildlife sightings. Basketball wrap-up. Eighty athletes attempt to break one big record this weekend.

Local News 2/22/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // New gun laws take effect in Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Haines Assisted Living seeks Borough support for expansion. Haines Borough is finding difficulty enforcing new heli-ski laws.

Local News 2/19/2010

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Haines Conventions and Visitors Bureau Tourism Director discusses better-than-expected numbers for 2009 road travellers. Skagway’s US Customs Port Director cautions South Klondike motorists about beginning of 2010 avalanche season.

Local News 2/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines envisions a second Energy Fair. A showcase of Haines artists entertains this weekend. The Skagway film festival breaks up winter.

Local News 2/17/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // DDF teams are poised for state; and already, nationals. The thirtieth annual Dick Hotch Memorial Basketball Tournament is the biggest ever. Southeast Alaska State Fair deadlines keep us looking forward to summer.

Local News 2/16/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // An assessment of Chilkoot Lake land is presented to the pulbic, and is headed to hydroelectric decision-makers. A small earthquake struck Southeast of Mosquito Lake. Haines cheerleaders take first at Top of the World.

Local News 2/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // An interview with a Haines man in Haiti, where local donations are helping hundreds. Changes to code regarding sidewalk snow-clearing would be ineffective, says Chief.

Local News 2/11/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first car made in Alaska makes its first road trip in 70 years, and involves a Skagway love story. Remembering Edith Josie. Engineers present the latest on the Haines waterfront development project.

Local News 2/10/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkoot Indian Association has a new Tribal Administrator. A meat experiment turns out good. National officials add their confusion to why a Yukon mine is choosing to bypass Skagway as a port.

Local News 2/9/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Crime rates were generally down in 2009, and traffic stops up in Haines. Skagway and Haines Schools make changes to their math curriculum.

Local News 2/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway Assembly discusses a land exchange. Sounds from the Haines Winter Olympics. Recruitment for a Haines Assessor continues, an interim is considered. Skagway Panthers demolish Thorne Bay on the court.

Local News 2/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // An illustrated book about Skagway history intends to end up as an animated movie. Haines downtown planning continues and the public is part of the process.

Local News 2/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Poker Ride returns to Chilkat Lake. Award-winning robot demos are showing for the Skagway public. Fish and Game looks ahead into next season.

Local News 2/3/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Klukwan classes blend an ancestor art with modern curriculum. A photo contest celebrates the forty year anniversary at Chilkat State Park.

Local News 2/2/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Klukwan classes blend an ancestor art with modern curriculum. A photo contest celebrates the forty year anniversary at Chilkat State Park.

Local News 2/1/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway wins awards in snow-sculpting. Haines donations help hundreds in earthquake-torn Haiti. Basketball teams travel for games this week.

Local News 1/18/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway School hosts a community forum. A computer glitch at the Haines Borough reminds users about protection software. Alcan 200 snow machine race results.

Local News 1/15/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // An IPEC rate increase is expected to hit by mid-February. Now is National Flu Vaccination Week; wash your hands! Bill Harley entertains in Haines.

Local News 1/14/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Alcan200 brings area snow machiners together in one great race. A food recall on Parker Foods. Annual bird counts are in from Skagway and the Chilkat Valley.

Local News 1/13/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Environmental Protection Agency settles a local violation. Downtown planning in Haines is back. The Don Hather basketball tournament commences in Skagway.

Local News 1/12/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway plans a Town Hall meeting. Whitehorse gas prices leap. Skagway Fire Department is forced into a runoff election for Chief. DDFers have one more meet before state. Haines Assembly meeting is postponed.

Local News 1/11/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Assembly votes to rehear a Planning Commission decision. A smoking ban goes into effect Monday. The new Haines manager arrives and plans to meet the town Wednesday.

Local News 1/8/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // SEARHC Clinic works on a problematic billing system in Haines. Fire Departments talk carbon monoxide danger and make safety affordable. Skagway could vote to increase property tax exemptions for seniors.

Local News 1/7/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines moves forward with a harbor-wide inspection. Remembering Tiger of Klukwan. PFD Charitable Contributions program is back up and running.

Local News 1/6/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Why the northern Lynn Canal was not fully alerted during an emergency code test run. Skagway girls basketball wow Yakutat crowds with an exciting win. Two Haines dispatchers return home with extreme training.

Local News 1/5/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Alaskans are the first people to test a new emergency alert system. Alcan200 gets safety upgrades and opens online registration. Skagway Panthers girls beat Yakutat in their first match of basketball season.

Local News 1/4/2010

Host: Tara Bicknell // Informational meetings help Haines prepare for a smoking ban. With one week before its quit date, Haines foresees some withdrawal side effects. An all-star trio of musicians visits Haines then Skagway.


Local News 12/31/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The 2009 KHNS News in Review. Happy New Year!

Local News 12/30/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The first public hearing for changing heli-ski code draws dozens of speakers. The search for a Haines Assessor is back on. The Charitable Contributions Program shares the wealth within Alaska.

Local News 12/29/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Vacancies on Skagway commissions and boards offer opportunities for public service. Seven people have applied to be the new police officer in Haines.

Local News 12/28/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Assembly considers a citizen appeal to a Planning Commission decision at the next meeting. Lady Panthers basketball begins with a fifteen-day game tour of Alaska.

Local News 12/24/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A look at Southeast Alaska’s top news stories of 2009. Holiday radio greetings from your neighbors and friends of the upper Lynn Canal.

Local News 12/22/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway extends their sales tax free period. A free program in the Chilkat Valley gives parents a break. Christmas Eve festivities in Skagway share in the spirit of giving.

Local News 12/21/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Borough takes another recommendation from the Energy and Sustainability Commission. Full coverage of the Glacier Bears basketball season opening.

Local News 12/18/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A new business opens amidst a healing economy. Skagway Borough settles on a Mitigation Plan. Flooding urges safe driving in Skagway.

Local News 12/17/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway wave barrier is a first for the northern panhandle. The first event leading up to the Alcan200 this weekend. Skagway volleyball second in state. Skagway ice rink has holiday plans, weather depending.

Local News 12/16/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Only two weeks left to apply for a moose permit next year. Goat hunting is closed in part of the area. AT&T cell phone customers are out of service, for now. Haines A Capella Womens Chorus celebrates first year.

Local News 12/15/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway and the Chilkat Valley prepare for the Christmas Bird Count. State Epidemiologist responds to local health questions following increased demand for flu vaccine and a recall.

Local News 12/14/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // DOT wants advice from Skagway on how to shut down the Taiya River Bridge. Wrestlers return from the state meet. Northern Lynn Canal is back on peaking diesel.

Local News 12/11/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The latest from AP&T on net metering. Proposed changes to heli-ski code. A recently injured eagle will not be returning home this year.

Local News 12/10/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines agrees to look into getting a wind turbine at the school. A recent death has H1N1 connections. Holiday events continue in Haines and Skagway.

Local News 12/9/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines groups are reviewing the first results from the wood heat feasibility study. The Haines Borough works with Coeur Alaska to employ more locals at Kensington Mine.

Local News 12/8/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // After ten years, Skagway Fire Department returns to an election for Chief. Haines birders flock to form a club. Local athletes qualify for state in volleyball and wrestling.

Local News 12/7/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The state is asking for public comments on the direction of healthcare. More at http://hss.state.ak.us/healthcommission/. Trapping season details. Haines Assembly revisits heli-ski code.

Local News 12/4/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // A wounded Chilkat Valley eagle gets its x-rays back. Upper Lynn Canal sea lion research. Winter driving precautions, from Troopers.

Local News 12/3/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Assembly considers a new borough position. Yuletide and Lighting of the Fort kickoff the holiday season in the northern Panhandle.

Local News 12/1/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Bill Thomas announces he is running for re-election. An oral history project needs residents’ tales in Skagway. Haines residents are invited to become Citizen Scientists.

Local News 11/30/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Area coaches look ahead at a new basketball season in the upper Lynn Canal. The FDA issues a recall on two Country Crock products shipped to Alaska.

Local News 11/27/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Manager candidates for Haines borough are in Haines next week. A basketball season preview, with a Haines head coach. Haines boosts the offer for a new land assessor.

Local News 11/25/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Borough adopts a harbor expansion plan. A look into fire protection systems in area buildings, and one major upgrade. Checking in with the newly re-instated Skagway DDF team.

Local News 11/24/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway robotics teams win prizes for their work. The Haines Borough asks for the new ferry to make Haines its home. A traveling puppet show returns to Haines for a final show.

Local News 11/23/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A century old ghost ship with Skagway history is discovered at the bottom of Lake Laberge. The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation distributes its first round of grants.

Local News 11/20/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // A Skagway restoration expert is recognized by the state for his work on the oldest building in Alaska. Haines tax assessor position goes back to the Assembly following a decline from the top candidate.

Local News 11/19/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Top candidates for CIA Tribal Administrator and Haines Borough Manager are visiting town. Goat hunting closes early in part of Unit 1D.

Local News 11/18/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Biologists use GPS to track local bears through the wild and through town. A council for subsistence management is looking for upper Lynn Canal representatives.

Local News 11/17/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Federal groups propose upgrades to area distress call system. The revived Chilkat Valley eagle count finds a high ratio of adult eagles to juvenile.

Local News 11/16/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // First research from radio collars worn by local brown bears to be released in Haines. Sounds from the 15th Annual Eagle Festival. The Haines harbor is officially done.

Local News 11/13/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // An Alaska Superior Court Judge orders Daymond Hoffman be sworn in to Haines Assembly Seat A. A vehicle collides with bears on the Haines Highway.

Local News 11/12/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Upper Lynn Canal communities honor their veterans. The Assembly takes a direction on hiring a new land assessor. Skagway residents enjoy a holiday tax break.

Local News 11/11/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A snowmobile film with local footage premiers in Haines. Alaskan students learn music through a Hawaiian instrument.

Local News 11/10/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // 15th Annual Eagle Fest opens Wednesday. New this year is the chocolate extravaganza. An essay contest invites youth to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Local News 11/9/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines athletes return from the state swim meet. Fish and Game makes permit hunt applications easier. Skagway secures more funding for the waste water project.

Local News 11/6/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Bear hunters are stranded when bears target their raft. Sounds from a Klukwan benefit dinner.

Local News 11/5/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A local fish processor is the target of an EPA complaint regarding the Clean Water Act. H1N1 vaccines are here. Troopers postpone a community cleanup.

Local News 11/4/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // An environmental documentary sparks discussion on local mining. Skagway Borough employee wins top honors in his field. Third annual Ho-down gets Skagway families dancing.

Local News 11/2/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Winter hours change an eight-year routine at the border. Registration for the longest river race of its kind opens. Skagway ranks top on a list of school testing results.

Local News 10/30/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Skagway School saves the DDF program. Commemorating the 120th anniversary of the first visit to the area by John Muir. How to become a wildland firefighter.

Local News 10/29/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // In time for Halloween: Why the Lynn Canal is the perfect residence for vampires and monsters. Goat hunting season closes early. Harbor work in Haines is complete.

Local News 10/28/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // President Obama signs a bill that authorizes the transfer of the Tank Farm to Chilkoot. Final election results for Haines Assembly Seat A.

Local News 10/27/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines residents speak out about climate issues at the largest event of its kind ever. AP&T takes a more serious look at Schubee Lake as a hydro site, following public resistance.

Local News 10/26/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // An H1N1 flu vaccine shortage affects Skagway and Haines; seasonal flu vaccines distributed. Unofficial results from the Haines election recount.

Local News 10/23/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Lynn Canal Cable TV will air Haines public meetings. The Skagway School considers the future of the Drama, Debate and Forensics program.

Local News 10/22/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowsky // Haines teachers return from an education conference. Citizens request a recount in the Haines election. Shareholders of Klukwan Inc. fund receive dividends.

Local News 10/21/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Goat populations are slightly down in northern Lynn Canal. Looking ahead at classes for hunters. Haines joins a worldwide event this weekend.

Local News 10/20/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Gold Medal Tournament sign-up is open. Two passport acceptance agencies open. Results from the first drama, debate tournament. Alaska Day celebrations.

Local News 10/19/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines will soon have a clear picture of wood heat feasibility. The Haines library hires a new director.

Local News 10/16/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Funding and tourists could come from a big award for the Haines Highway. State Park work continues, with helicopter flights in the northern Lynn Canal.

Local News 10/15/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines joins the biggest drug prevention program in the country. Skagway tourism statistics are in fro the 2009 season. New positions open at the Haines Police Department.

Local News 10/14/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Assembly decides on an interim manager. Skagway’s Broadway makes a list of America’s Great Places. Haines elections are final.

Local News 10/13/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A new foundation will soon distribute more than $10,000 to Chilkat Valley organizations. An award-winning Seattle show visits Haines and Skagway..

Local News 10/12/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway elections are official. Cross country runners represent the upper Lynn Canal at the state meet in Palmer. Ranked teams and stormy seas challenge Haines volleyball.

Local News 10/9/2009

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // End of season Alaska Fish and Game Report. Moose season ends in the northern Lynn Canal.

Local News 10/8/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Expert dog behaviorist from the Dog Whisperer addresses Haines Animal Rescue Kennel issues. A local man sets out to ease youth crime in his hometown.

Local News 10/7/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Latest results from Haines and Skagway municipal elections, including details on the new smoking ban. Fire Prevention Week brings smoke rooms and the Jaws of Life to Haines.

Local News 10/6/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A nationally-recognized day leads to free depression screenings. Workshops bring University science to Haines. A Totem to Totem walk welcomes all.

Local News 10/5/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Hearing from candidates for this year’s Skagway and Haines borough elections, and becoming familiar with the ballot propositions.

Local News 10/2/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Bear-proofing gear for the Tatshenshini-Alsek River system. A Department of Fish and Game fishing update. Introducing School Board candidates.

Local News 10/1/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Introducing the first of two candidates for Skagway School Board. The incredible story behind what is in the secret sauce.

Local News 9/30/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Lengthy public comments follow the Haines Assemblyâ??s decision to let Manager Tom Bolenâ??s contract expire the next day.

Local News 9/29/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A major earthquake is expected to have noticeable effects in Southeast Alaska. Forums introduce Assembly candidates to the public. Four students will represent Haines in the Honor Music Festival.

Local News 9/28/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A state investigation leads to license revocation and the sale of a Haines business. The Haines borough sets a meeting to discuss the managerâ??s employment. A film series in Skagway tells the story of National Parks.

Local News 9/25/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkoot Indian Associationâ??s top administrator resigns. Hundreds of locals get new passports in the mail this month. A crash in Klukwan leaves a hole in the wall, and no injuries.

Local News 9/24/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Haines show goes on the road with opening night in Skagway. Haines youth prepare for a trip to Africa. Skagway cleans up after cruise season.

Local News 9/23/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Borough Assembly decides to look for a new manager. Governor Sean Parnell announces the 2009 Permanent Fund Dividend.

Local News 9/22/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // One third of hunted moose are illegal. Getting ready for the PFD announcement. Comparing local unemployment to the rest of Southeast and the country.

Local News 9/21/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Introducing the new Haines Assisted Living center. An earthquake only 13 miles from Haines rocks some residents. Home volleyball in Haines.

Local News 9/18/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // State lawmakers react to a Haines energy hearing. Local reactions on cruise ship passenger tax going to federal court. Haines Dolphins back from their first meet.

Local News 9/17/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Mud and rock is cleared from Haines Highway. A free class for residents could better equip the area for wildfire season. Big Brothers Big Sisters brings on new leadership. .

Local News 9/16/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The new cover of next year’s Haines Vacation Planner could be your photo. Runners swarm the upper Lynn Canal. The latest updates in hunting regulations.

Local News 9/15/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Moose season opens. Haines School tests a new class schedule. Remembering Jorgensen’s local roots.

Local News 9/14/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines Assisted Living invites the public to celebrate their opening. A preview of Southeast Conference, a gathering of hundreds of Southeast Alaskan lawmakers and business owners, in Haines.

Local News 9/11/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Disney Cruise Lines confirms 18 sailings to Skagway in 2011. Swine flu vaccines will be available in Skagway and Haines. A wrestling team brings an ancient sport back to the Chilkat Valley.

Local News 9/10/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A bridge tournament kicks off another season. Cows with Guns songwriter plays Haines. The Klondike International Road Relay starts Friday.

Local News 9/9/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Several ski films debut this winter, featuring footage from the Chilkat Valley. A wine tasting raises money for community radio. Local musician returns for a one-night show.

Local News 9/8/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A one-time chance for locals to apply for passports without leaving their borough. Obama speaks to U.S. school children, including Lynn Canal students. Results from the first Lady Glacier Bears volleyball games. Special training prepares Skagway fire fighters for vehicle fires.

Local News 9/4/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Energy and Sustainability Commission presents energy recommendations with a year’s work behind them. Senate and House Special Committees on Energy are taking public testimony in Haines.

Local News 9/3/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // A youth program brings American football to Haines. State Parks in Haines is one group hoping to secure Recreational Trail Grants this year for local trails. Labor Day history and activities for a long weekend.

Local News 9/2/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell /-/ Duo to run the Golden Circle for Hospice of Haines. <BR>LeengÃ?Â?Ã?Â?t yoo x’atank du kagÃ?Â?Ã?Â? (Tlingit language meeting)

Local News 9/1/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines middle school goes camping. Results are in from the egg toss challengers to Skagway’s world record. Panthers and Glacier Bears compete in the first cross country meet of the season.

Local News 8/31/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Rock and mudslide on the Haines Highway. South East Alaska Mayoral meetings. The Haines Borough Public Library lifts its new Totem.

Local News 8/28/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Learning to eat locally. Southeast Alaska State Fair���¢��������s annual meeting. Flooding in Skagway.

Local News 8/27/2009

Host: Tara Bicknell // Results of the Portage Cove munitions survey. The story behind a spill in Skagway. Update on road construction in the Haines area.

Local News – 08.26.09

Tara Bicknell // Haines harbor upgrades enter Phase II. Skagway Library celebrates its 89th birthday. Candidates for the Haines municipal election announced. An east coast city attempts to take a world title away from Skagway.

Local News – 08.25.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The only hammer museums in the world — in Haines and Lithuania — join forces in Haines. A Hospice meeting introduces grief support services to the Chilkat Valley.

Local News – 08.24.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Restoration work begins for a Tlingit cemetery in Haines. A time capsule in the library totem pole closes Thursday, to be sealed for the next quarter century. Swim season starts with try-outs this weekend.

Local News – 08.21.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // An outlook on upcoming hunting seasons. Updating the Chinook study. Field trips open to the public. Cross country season begins in the Upper Lynn Canal.

Local News – 08.20.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Haines community member gets positive reviews in a Seattle one-woman show. Volleyball season preview. A golf scramble raises money for Hospice of Haines.

Local News – 08.19.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Fish and Game operations change from summer to fall management. A Senator Murkowski assistant explains Regional Ports and Harbors in terms of Haines.

Local News – 08.18.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Bear problems in Skagway and Haines urge residents to be wise with garbage disposal. Skagway candidates for municipal elections are announced. Results from this year’s Sun Ball Softball Tournament, and the end of softball season.

Local News – 08.17.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Senator Murkowski assistant meets Haines’ residents. Gale force winds forced cruise ships to cancel dockings in Skagway and Haines. Updates on CIA’s low-income housing development.

Local News – 08.14.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // A Chilkat valley resident is a national finalist in the “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50” contest. Students in grades K-6 will now be required to have 2 Varicella (chicken pox) vaccines. Commercial gillnetting will be open Monday in Chilkat Inlet north to the river mouth.

Local News – 08.13.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Totem Pole carvers and Tlingit representatives from Haines (and one from Tagish, YT) return from a pole installation and dedication in upstate New York. US Customs ports of entry on local highways will reduce hours of operation on Novermber 1.

Local News – 08.12.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The “Fish Wall” has Skagway leaving its mark on the new clinic building. Students and a teacher from Skagway School return from an institute in Turkey. Indonesian Independence Day celebrations occupy the Haines cruise ship dock.

Local News – 08.11.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // An international film festival calls for films made by Alaskans. Haines remembers George Mark. A golf tournament in Haines raises money for breast cancer research.

Local News – 08.10.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Drilling begins at a metals exploration site north of Haines. Senator Lisa Murkowski comments on Kensington Mine progress. Details on upper Lynn Canal school enrollment and start dates.

Local News – 08.07.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // A film featuring the Klondike Gold Rush is now available for sale to the public. Practice starts August 11 for the Haines High School swim team. The mobile mammogram van will soon return to Haines and Skagway.

Local News – 08.06.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The Haines State Forest saves money by replacing its last log-stringer bridge over the Little Salmon River. A Haines weaver discusses a professional loom donated to the Southeast Alaska State Fair.

Local News – 08.05.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Senator Lisa Murkowski addresses the upper Lynn Canal. Skagway’s Dahl Memorial Clinic has three care providers, for the first time. A live performance of Peter and the Wolf is part of a reading program finale in Haines.

Local News – 08.04.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Freshwater king salmon fishing temporarily opens in Skagway. A new program trains locals to collect scientific research. The Young Road water tank is almost full, thanks to residents’ water conservation.

Local News – 08.03.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Air quality declared unhealthy for some as a result of wildfires and shifting winds. Upper Lynn Canal exhibit winners, including one who competed all 41 years. Chilkoot Indian Association announces plans for a Recovery Act grant, plus meeting changes.

Local News – 07.28.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Musicians are arriving for the Southeast Alaska State Fair. An education program for kids concludes at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.

Local News – 07.27.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A local film debuts, and documents the annual eulachon run in the Upper Lynn Canal. Google and The World visit Haines. The work behind the trailwork of Haines and Skagway.

Local News – 07.24.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Yukon historian will come talk in Haines about the Dalton trail, which local Tlingits consider the Chilkat trail. The Skagway Rec Center will host a fundraising dinner for the Summer Camp, with salad vegetables grown by the camp kids.

Local News – 07.23.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The Logging Show carries on as a popular event at the Southeast Alaska State Fair. An update on the progress of the development of a Well and Fit Center in Haines.

Local News – 07.22.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Hobbyists of Southeast Alaska prepare to be judged at the Fair. Live music attempts to find a Southeast brand of music for Smithsonian’s New Harmonies exhibit. A swim camp in Haines is open to everyone.

Local News – 07.21.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A problem Glacier Bear is moved from Skagway. Bids for an auction at Haines School are due Wednesday. A discussion helps prepare a book on historical Tlingit-non-Native encounters and present-day relationships.

Local News – 07.20.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // An outbreak of vandalism in Haines has police narrowing a search to a group of youth. Fire bans in Skagway and Haines are lifted following rain. Results from the Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby. The American Legion Auxiliary in Haines kicks off a program for military service people

Local News – 07.17.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski// Klukwan Tlingit language instructor discusses significance of historic Shotridge audio recordings. Haines Borough Chief Fiscal Officer explains real property foreclosure policy and process.

Local News – 07.16.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski// Friday, July17 is annual Haines Borough Hazardous Waste collection day. The 1st Run for John fund-raising race will be Saturday, July 18. Update on Haines Small Boat and Letnikoff harbors.

Local News – 07.15.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway’s Pat Moore Memorial Derby begins early Thursday. Results from the KHNS membership drive. Fish and Game requests public input in a strategic plan. Klehini River bridge continues to undergo periodical closures through Thursday.

Local News – 07.14.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A food recall affects some dry milk products in Alaska. Local gillnetters vote on their involvement with the Southeast Alaska Regional Seafood Development Association. Ride Yukon brings motorcyclists through Haines and Skagway. Changes are announced to the Haines and Klukwan tobacco Prevention Program, but services are still available.

Local News – 07.13.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A problem black bear sow in Skagway is dispatched by authorities, but the problem is not over. Haines Borough discusses funding options for replacing the borough’s main water line. Winners of 2009 hunting permits is released.

Local News – 07.09.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Al Badgely of the Haines volunteer Fire Department discusses wildland fire smoke in the skies of the upper Lynn Canal. Randy Bachman of the ADF&G describes sockeye returns to the Chilkoot and Chilkat systems, and gillnet openings in the Lynn Canal.

Local News – 07.08.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The final plan for the PC Dock bathrooms in Haines. A fire at Glacier Point urges residents to use more caution. A cruise ship makes Haines a port of call for the first time ever.

Local News – 07.07.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines residents are the first to respond to a wildfire on Battery Point. Helicopter use continues on Mount Ripinsky. A federal agency orders a moratorium on some services for the elderly and Alaskans with disabilities.

Local News – 07.06.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Southeast Alaska drift gillnet fishery is open and Chilkoot Lake sockeye counts are down. Independence Day festivities cooled the upper Lynn Canal on the hottest Fourth of July in history. More than 700 hungry people helped raise money for The Haines Volunteer Fire Department.

Local News – 07.03.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Air Excursions expects to soon begin twice daily scheduled air service to Haines and Skagway. Local naturalist talks about hummingbirds in relation to climatic trends in 2009.

Local News – 07.02.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Independence Day celebrations are previewed for Klukwan, Skagway, and Haines, with interviews with Buckwheat Donahue, Joan Carlson, and Phil Wilde.

Local News – 07.01.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Fiddling Poet returns to Haines. Pullen Creek fishing regulations announced. An encrypted radio tower goes up on Mount Riley. A former Haines resident shares almost eight years of pilgrimage in Tibet in a public presentation.

Local News – 06.29.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway Borough Manager Tom Smith and other representatives bring hopeful news home from Washington, D.C. Skagway resident recounts a 460-mile paddling race on the Yukon River.

Local News – 06.26.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Results are in for the Lynn Canal’s first gillnet opening of the season. The International Coed Softball Tournament begins soon in Skagway. Record escapement of sockeyes into Chilkat Lake monitored by SONAR.

Local News – 06.25.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The traveling Smithsonian music exhibit “New Harmonies” opens Friday at the Sheldon Museum, in Haines. The Haines Senior Center will reopen in one week, to resume services to local senior residents.

Local News – 06.24.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines representatives return from an annual Washington, D.C. trip. An end to post office lines in the Upper Lynn Canal is in sight. Skagway holds an Art Jam downtown.

Local News – 06.23.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway and Haines Drama, Debate and Forensics teams return from the national tournament in Alabama. Chilkoot Indian Association expands the internship program. Three new H1N1 flu cases are diagnosed in the Upper Lynn Canal.

Local News – 06.22.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Stories and placements from the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay. Chilkoot Indian Association and the Haines Borough partner to progress building projects.

Local News – 06.19.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The Skagway Municipal Assembly contemplates a restructuring of the Fire Department, with a volunteer rather than a paid Fire Chief. A preview of non-musical entertainment planned for the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Author Nick Jans talks about his new book, “The Glacier Wolf” (slideshow and book-signing at the the Haines Library at 2pm, Sunday, June 21.

Local News – 06.18.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A preview of the music lineup for this year’s Southeast Alaska State Fair. Haines Highway work will proceed.

Local News – 06.17.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Cyclists and motorists prepare for the 17th annual Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay from Haines Junction, Yukon to Haines. Profiles from the next lineup of artists in the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center’s Six Week Spotlight.

Local News – 06.16.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines is looking for a Library Director, once again. Klondike Gold Rush NHP teaches invasive plants to kids, in a new series of classes. The Skagway Weed Pull focuses on foreign flora.

Local News – 06.15.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Smithsonian Institute exhibit is coming to the Upper Lynn Canal, and will feature local music. The first radio collar in Skagway could be placed on a local sow with two cubs.

Local News – 06.12.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowskil //The American Bald Eagle Foundation is poised to bring 2 raptors (a bald eagle and a red-tailed hawk) to its new mews in Haines. Haines Borough Manager Tom Bolen discusses the municipal water system’s leaking Lilly Lake water line, and plans to fix it.

Local News – 06.11.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowskil // The Haines Friends of Recycling holds its 3rd annual E-waste collection at the Small Tracts Road Recycle Center. The ADF&G Divsion of Sport Fish holds its Region 1 (Southeast) Regulations Summary Cover photo contest.

Local News – 06.010.09

Host: Tara Bicknell //

Local News – 06.09.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A code red Norwalk alert accompanies a cruise ship to the Upper Lynn Canal. Possible permit violations in Haines wetlands are inspected by government agencies. The Dahl Memorial Clinic makes plans for new facilities.

Local News – 06.08.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A 5.1-magnitude earthquake is felt throughout the Canal. The Haines Borough considers a tax elimination. Chilkoot Indian Association election results are in.

Local News – 06.05.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Alaska Power & Telephone takes its Lutak Hydro Project offline due to high water levels at Kasidaya Creek. the USCG conducts a helicopter area-familiarization flight in the Chilkat Valley. The AK Dept. of Fish and Game liberalizes Taiya Inlet king salmon sport fishing regulations.

Local News – 06.04.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Alaska’s next (and SE AK’s 1st) case of the Novel H1N1 virus occurs in Haines. Skagway’s Fran DeLisle Breast Cancer Fund has its fundraising walk June 6th, 2009. AK Dept. of Fish and Game holds Mobile Shooting Sports Program classes offering Bowhunting and Muzzleloader certification and orienteering courses for children in Haines.

Local News – 06.03.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A Suicide Prevention Symposium invited 14 southeast Alaska communities, including Klukwan, to discuss outreach programming in Juneau. Drama, Debate and Forensics teams raise money to travel to the national tournament in Alabama. Barbershop harmonists Sweet Adelines are on tour; first stops: Haines and Skagway.

Local News – 06.02.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A state Supreme Court decision upholds a five-year-old Haines Borough ruling. A parents association is forming in Skagway, to help fund cut programming. A KHNS raffle is giving away a 24-foot Fiberform boat to one winner.

Local News – 06.01.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines King Salmon Derby has a winner, and the closest second in memory. A series of free classes puts energy-efficient building sense into the hands of homeowners and renters.

Local News – 05.29.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Juneau man completes final leg of human-powered traverse of Lynn Canal shoreline from Juneau to Haines. Mammogram Van in Skagway from June 9-12. Georgia man dies of natural causes at hunting camp in upper Chilkat Valley. Klondike Park selected by USA Today as option for best free thing to do in Alaska summer 2009.

Local News – 05.28.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Work begins on the Haines Library Totem Pole Project. Report on 1st 3 days of Haines King Salmon Derby.

Local News – 05.27.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Annual Beer Festival draws 700 to sample brews in Haines. A reading program invites youth of all ages to the Haines Library this summer.

Local News – 05.26.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway and Haines High Schools return from the state competition. Fire bans are lifted after a long dry spell.

Local News – 05.22.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // New federal legislation will change gun restrictions in Klondike Gold Rush park; Alaska Humanities Forum “We the People” grant recipient Dan Henry; 2009 Spring weather trends.

Local News – 05.21.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // M/V Taku filled to capacity with Juneauites bound for the Haines BeerFest; Monitoring, Avoiding and Deterring Whales (from KFSK’s Matt Lichtenstein); Skagway Fire Department’s Charity Car Wash

Local News – 05.20.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway and Haines high school seniors are honored in 2009 graduation ceremonies. Training for guides working in bear country, in Haines.

Local News – 05.19.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway School District is seeking an Interim Superintendent. A Haines puppeteer is awarded a grant for a traveling show. An attraction in Haines is added to a list that includes the Great Wall of China and Petra.

Local News – 05.15.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Ground-breaking ceremony for Klukwan’s Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center Hospitality House; Washout on White Pass & Yukon Route rail-line; National Boating Safety Week

Local News – 05.14.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Chilkat River Walk this Saturday; Murkowski introduces legislation on behalf of landless Alaska Natives in Haines and other Southeast communities; the Book Swap and Make Art, Not Trash exhibit at the Haines School Library this coming Saturday.

Local News – 05.13.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway’s new rifle range opens this weekend. Two Haines students win first place in a statewide contest. Discussion of roads to be paved in Haines this summer.

Local News – 05.12.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Chilkoot Indian Association elections are this week. A new youth program helps kids make healthy decisions. A fundraiser raffles off a quilt, tickets and cash. Details on Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay registration.

Local News – 05.11.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The upper Lynn Canal survives a brush with the swine flu. The 2009 cruise ship schedule for Skagway and Haines. Boys team wins only home track meet of the Haines season.

Local News – 05.08.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The annual eulachon run is in. Census workers are working locally. An earthquake was recorded and felt near Klukwan.

Local News – 05.07.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Fatal boat accident leaves 2 Haines teens dead; Safe Routes to Schools program

Local News – 05.06.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway burn ban; Skagway school science fair, and preview of May 7 Skagway Assembly meeting.

Local News – 05.05.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Nat’l Teachers’ Day: Giving thanks to teachers in the upper Lynn Canal. Two spring school-musicals.

Local News – 05.04.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // New life-saving equipment is placed throughout Haines and Skagway. The Haines post office could have a junk mail problem on its hands.

Local News – 05.01.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // The new Haines Harbor Master has details on big changes ahead. Avalanche season arrives on the Klondike highway.

Local News – 04.30.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // A sighting on the Haines beach causes some alarm. Musician Sonny Rhodes visits Haines for the first time, to sing the blues.

Local News – 04.29.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Governor Sarah Palin visits the Upper Lynn Canal. Students return from a music competition in Sitka.

Local News – 04.28.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Fairway meat department re-opens after making sanitation improvements required by the DEC. Big Brothers Big Sisters concludes its Haines pledge drive with a bowling event.

Local News – 04.27.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // An Iraqi consultant speaks in Haines this week. The Haines Library hopes to use a grant to upgrade its circulation system and seeks approval at this week’s Assembly meeting.

Local News – 04.24.09

Host: Nicholas Szatkowski // Klukwan celebrates Culture Days. Haines was host to this year’s American Legion statewide convention. A local marine accident finds legal closure.

Local News – 04.23.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Library will house the next totem pole in the borough. Community spring cleaning events in Skagway and Haines. A preview of a benefit walk taking place in May.

Local News – 04.22.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Gillnetters will soon decide whether to form a Southeast Alaska regional seafood development association. A mammogram van will screen for breast cancer in Haines and Skagway (Nicholas Szatkowski, Tara Bicknell). Identification requirements for U.S.-Canada border crossings will change this summer.

Local News – 04.21.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Students bring home awards from a Southeast Alaska Art Festival (Nicholas Szatkowski and Tara Bicknell). A health fair offered screenings for Haines residents (Nicholas Szatkowski). Meet Tom Smith, Skagway’s new Borough Manager.

Local News – 04.20.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A downtown planning meeting invites Haines residents to share their visions. Improvements to Lutak Road will change how motorists get to and from the ferry. Skagway Fire Department holds their annual Search and Rescue training this weekend.

Local News – 04.13.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A look ahead to the Haines Borough Assembly meeting, which includes one emergency ordinance. Authorities speak about a remote helicopter accident outside of Haines. A program at the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center gives artists a lesson in creating an art exhibit.

Local News – 04.06.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Assembly passed a resolution supporting expedited cleanup and transfer of the Lutak Army Tank Farm land. Skagway’s International Folk Festival announces the arrival of Spring. Senior Spotlight, by the Haines radio class.

Local News – 04.02.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // HPD investigates an April Fool’s Day crime at the recycling center. An annual meeting brings the Haines Borough Assembly and the Haines Borough School Board together. A free film festival at Skagway’s Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.

Local News – 03.23.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Teaching local ecology to locals. A 62-year-old basketball tradition for Klukwan and Haines continues. Haines celebrated its champion cheer-leaders Monday with a parade.

Local News – 03.16.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Skagway introduces city manager candidates to the community. A winter event combines snow machining and poker. Haines School radio class students report.

Local News – 03.09.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A review of last week’s Skagway Borough Assembly meeting. A local drumming group in Haines revives native art. Skagway Lady Panthers qualify for the state basketball tournament.

Local News – 02.24.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // A preview of this Saturday’s Haines Energy Fair with Energy and Sustainability Coordinator Stephanie Scott. The Haines Venturer Scouts’ summer trip to Mt Kilimanjaro has become a movie; first showings are this weekend.

Local News – 02.23.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Coverage from the Haines Tourism Advisory Board meeting. The Glacier Bears played the Sitka Wolves last week. Reports from the Haines High School radio class.

Local News – 02.16.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The Haines Assembly met with Alaska DOT to discuss pipeline plans. Results from the 28th annual Dick Hotch basketball tournament in Klukwan. A Haines student reports on the Haines spelling bee.

Local News – 02.02.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines’ longest power outage, explained. A local documentary takes viewers up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Local News – 01.19.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // The 40th annual Alcan 200 was marred by the death of a veteran racer. A Haines resident talks to KHNS from Israel about the Gaza Strip conflict. Results from Glacier Bears weekend basketball.

Local News – 01.12.09

Host: Tara Bicknell // Haines businessman and Lynn Canal Conservation member Thom Ely attended the US Supreme Court hearing on the Kensington mine tailings plan. Preview of Tuesday’s Haines Borough Assembly meeting. A wrap-up of this weekend’s basketball games.