A Big shout out to all of you who called, came by, went online, used the telephone and/or yelled out the front door. With your amazing support, KHNS has raised  $12,763. The final numbers are still rolling in but we heard you loud and clear, KHNS News Counts and the combination of the quiet drive with one day  on air is efficient and popular.

Big  thanks  to Wings of Alaska/Fjord Flying for their donation of two round trip tickets from Haines or Skagway to Juneau. Congratulations to Mardell Gunn and Diz Kistler who had the winning number and are taking home their complimentary travel vouchers.

What else? Well, we’re working on our new production studio (almost ready!), we’ll have lots of wonderful holiday programming and of course, High School Basketball is almost here.

Thank you from all of us at KHNS to all of you…you’re the real stars of local radio!